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Minoh Falls

Japan, 562-0002 2-2 Minoh Park, Minoh City, Osaka Prefecture

A famous waterfall with a drop of 33 meters located in Meiji-no-Mori Quasi-National Park, which has been selected as one of Japan's ``100 Best Waterfalls'' and ``Japan's 100 Scenes.'' The sound of a roar resounds throughout your body, and you forget the passage of time as you listen to the flow of a waterfall that feels like it's falling from the sky. It is said to be the place where ``Engyoja'' met the dragon god during his training, and there is a dragon cave at the mouth of the waterfall. The area around Otaki, which was visited by Oda Nobunaga and Matsuo Basho, is a mortar-shaped terrain that accumulates negative ions, making it a power spot with a spectacular view! It is also very popular as a cool spot in the summer. It is lit up at night, creating a magical world. It's a very spiritual space.

Telephone number 072-723-1885
  • 45 minutes from Hankyu Minoh Station on the waterfall path promenade full of beautiful valleys. Depending on the season, there are shuttle buses from Hankyu Minoh Station and sightseeing buses that also include Katsuoji Temple.
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