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Minoh City Tourism Association
30 minutes from central Osaka. There you will find one of the most spectacular power spots in Kansai! ! Mt. Minoh was founded over 1,300 years ago by Enno Gyoja, the En-no-Gyoja of Shugendo. At the Mt. Minoh National Park, the Minoh Forest, which has been worshiped by people since ancient times, continues to radiate energy as a forest of good luck that improves your luck. We look forward to your visit, offering experiential tourism value that can only be found in Minoh, all seasons and all times.

Mt. Minoh is home to Minoh Otaki (one of Japan's top 100 waterfalls), which En En-no-Gyoja encountered the dragon god during his training, and has since been said to be lurking there.Oda Nobunaga and Matsuo Basho have also visited this waterfall in the past. It is said that visiting the Ryuanji Temple, Saikoji -ji, and Katsuo-ji, which surround Minoh , will give you the most power if you visit them at the beginning of the year. Minoh offer a variety of events for all seasons (spring, summer, fall and winter) and all times (day and night), such as the "Fresh Green Carnival" in the spring of Minoh, the "Summer Festa" in the summer, the "Momiji Festival" in the fall, and the "Winter Promenade" in the winter. We have it ready. Many courses include illuminations and projection mapping during the season of fresh greenery and autumn leaves, as well as a ``forest yoga experience'' in a spiritual space at a temple on Mt. Minoh Tenjogatake, where Enno En-no-Gyoja ascended to heaven, and walks around town ``Hiking with a volunteer guide'', ``Minoh'' along the waterfall path, Japanese, French, Italian, and cafes in buildings where you can feel history and culture in the midst of nature, while soaking in a hot spring. It is a highly satisfying tourist area for everyone from families to couples, young people to seniors, including accommodations where you can enjoy the night view of central Osaka. In March 2024, with the opening of two new stations, Minoh Kayano Station and Senba Osakadaimae Station, Minoh will be connected to central Osaka and Osaka such as Osaka Station (Umeda Station), Shin-Osaka Station, Namba Station, and Tennoji Station. Being directly connected to the core terminal in the south makes it easier to visit from Osaka International Airport (Itami Airport/ITM) and Kansai International Airport (KIX), making it a hub for Hokusetsu (northern part of Osaka pref.).

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