A Tasty And Healthy Treat! Tamba Sasayama Black Edamame

Tamba Sasayama black edamame are a famous product from Tamba Sasayama in Hyogo Prefecture, well-known for their rich flavor and deep color. Learn more about these edamame, when they taste best, and where to find them.

High-Quality Tamba Sasayama Black Edamame

Tamba Sasayama black edamame (soybeans) is a specialty product of the area. Typically picked when they have matured and turned black in December, these beans are harvested in October, while their encasing is still green.

Unlike standard edamame, the black variety is bigger in size and has a sweeter, richer taste. Tamba Sasayama black edamame is the highest grade of soybeans, boasting the best flavor in all of Japan.

These soybeans have a short harvesting period that lasts from early to late October. The beans shipped during this time are called "hon-kuro" (true black) and are available for sale as "Tamba Sasayama Black Edamame."

Many people come to Sasayama during the harvest season to shop for these specialty beans. Another reason for their popularity is the brief, three-week harvest season and limited availability for shipping outside the area.

A Yearly Custom! Tamba Sasayama Black Edamame Kaikin Ceremony

The Tamba Sasayama Black Edamame Kaikin Ceremony is held annually to announce the start of the edamame sales season in Sasayama.

The black edamame are vibrant green and have a refreshing flavor and texture at the time of the ceremony. However, the color of the soybeans deepens mid-October to the end of the month—distinguished with even greater sweetness and a softer feel. Black edamame is also known for its distinctive maroon spots or flecks and deep flavor that can only be enjoyed for a limited time.

Tamba Sasayama black edamame are excellent when simply boiled in salted water. They make a tasty addition in black edamame dumplings and tempura, too. Their beautiful green adds a vivid splash of color to any dish, making an excellent topping for chirashi-zushi (sushi in a bowl), salads, and even on rice crackers for snacks. Why not taste and enjoy the flavors of Tamba Sasayama black edamame for yourself?

Recommended Shops for Black Edamame

The Tamba Sasayama Black Edamame sales map (http://tourism.sasayama.jp/kuro-edamame/), introduces shops and places where Tamba-Sasayama black edamame can be purchased. In addition, direct sales of Tamba-Sasayama black edamame may be available at JR Osaka Station, the Sogo department store in Kobe, and other facilities.


Official Website: http://tourism.sasayama.jp, http://tourism.sasayama.jp/english/ (English)


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