Local Tamba Sake: Made From Fresh Water And Rice By Master Brewers

Tamba sake is highly acclaimed for its quality and taste. It is made with Tamba Sasayama rice by master brewers who have perfected their brewing skills through a century-long tradition. This article introduces the features of Tamba sake, and where it can be bought and enjoyed.

Local Sake from Tamba, a Pioneer among Regional Sake Brands

The high-quality Tamba sake is made using Tamba Sasayama rice by master sake brewers called toji.

In fact, Tamba sake brewers developed their mastery from activities during the farming off-seasons and while working away from home. It's no surprise that the region has become one of the top three sake producers of Japan.

During the Genroku era of the Edo period (1688-1703), Itami's famous brand of sake was produced by Tamba sake brewers. From the mid-Edo Period onward (1603-1868), these professional sake brewers moved from the Ikeda and Itami areas to the Nada and Imazu regions of Hyogo Prefecture.

1807 marked the beginning of a phase of advancement for Japanese sake. During those times, a brewing license was not required in order to make sake. In order to speed up the brewing process, the time needed to produce yeast mash (via yeast cultivation) was shortened, and the Tamba method of sake production was introduced.

Thanks to their high expertise, Tamba toji became leading sake brewers nationwide. As such, the master brewers of Tamba are considered specialists when it comes to the original form of regional sake production in Japan.

Recommended Brands of Tamba Sake

One Tamba brand of sake, "Tsuki no Korimuro Junmai Nama Shuugetsu," is a quality-made rice wine with a particular distinction. After micro-filtering the liquor extracted in the winter, the alcohol is aged over time in a storage room and kept at temperatures below freezing. This sake has a refreshing taste that still retains the mature flavor of the rice.

Another regional blend of junmai sake called "Tsuki no Hyoshitsu" is a new type of brew where the time that the fermented beverage trickles down into the jar is shortened and unfiltered. This sake is then bottled individually by hand. For this reason, small traces of the carbonic acid remain in this sake, giving it both freshness and a deep, rich flavor.

Made from Sasayama's delicious rice and water, the famous Tamba local sake makes an excellent gift or souvenir. Please come taste the mastery of this craft yourself.


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