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A Winter Paradise


Tohoku - A Winter Paradise

Tohoku - Northern Japan

Tohoku, the northern area of Japan's main island, changes into a white paradise when it snows. But don't imagine a quiet, silver world. The region boasts amazing festivals and events that attract thousands of people, and the scenery itself changes with each hour of the day. Visit Tohoku in the winter and your image of the cold season will change dramatically. You'll discover a true snow paradise!


Cold Weather Items - Indispensable for a Winter Tohoku Trip

Windproof Winter Pants

Choose a pair of windproof trousers with a soft inlay. A larger size is recommended so that you can move around. Wear a pair of spats or tights underneath and you're ready to go outside in the snow.

Waterproof Coldproof Shoes

Choose a pair of shoes that are waterproof so that you can play in the snow to your heart's content. Because hardened snow is slippery, make sure the shoe sole is thick and that they're anti-slip.


Hand gloves are indispensable. We recommend a waterproof and coldproof material, but if you don't have skiing gloves at hand, a pair of wool gloves will also do the trick.

Knit Hat

A knit hat will protect your head and ears against the cold wind and snow. It's an absolutely necessary item for you to enjoy winter in the northern regions.

Long, Windproof Coat + Down Vest

Wear a long coat to protect yourself from the wind and cold. If you wear a vest on the inside, it will be even warmer.

If you travel to Tohoku in the winter, make sure you have all the necessary coldproof items with you. Besides the indispensable five items listed above, there are other smaller items you can also use.
For example, use a mask to cover your nose and mouth, and a muffler to keep your neck warm. We also recommend thick socks. In Japan, you can find heat packs (kairo), which last for several hours and you can use to warm up your hands and feet. Some of the heat packs can be applied to your clothes or used inside the shoes. They're a small, portable, and reliable source of heat.

Use the convenient
JR EAST PASS to travel to Tohoku!

To make the most out of your trip to northern Japan, use the very convenient JR EAST PASS, which is valid for several days! This ticket can be used on the Shinkansen, limited express trains, rapid-transit trains, local trains, and on JR buses, for as often and as much as you'd like.
For more tips and information on how to purchase the ticket, take a look at the following link:

** Please note that the JR EAST PASS service is intended for the visitors to Japan only. The offer does not apply to Japanese citizens and foreign residents in Japan.

Fun in The Snow Paradise

A Sight To Behold! 4 Dreamworld Winter Railroads In Tohoku

The sight of the trains dashing through the snow is spectacular! Four railways in Fukushima, Iwate, and Yamagata, offer wonderful sights. Use the JR EAST PASS (Tohoku) to ride on Tadami Line, Kitakami Line, and Flower Nagai Line.

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Akita Dogs, Tohoku Cats, And Miyagi Foxes - A Warm Winter In Tohoku!

Have you ever wanted to meet Akita dogs in the region where this breed originates from? Enjoy a trip to Tohoku and meet Akita dogs at the Dog Festival, the cute foxes of Zao, and charming cat station masters in Miyagi.

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Legends Of Northern Japan - A Winter Trip To Sendai, Iwate, And Aomori

Tohoku, the northern part of Japan's main island, has a special charm in winter. It is also famous for the historical and literary figures who were born here - Date Masamune, Osamu Dazai or Kenji Miyazawa. You can also enjoy its enchanting folk tales.

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Aomori And Akita In Winter - Exciting Festivals, Art, And Snow

Akita and Aomori, located in northern Japan (Tohoku), are famous for their beautiful winter scenery. However, there are splendid cityscapes, art, and festivals you can explore here. Join us on our winter trip to Hirosaki, Oga, and other great places!

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Zao Onsen, Yamagata - Stunning Hot Springs And Mystical Snowy Trees

The Zao area in Yamagata Prefecture is famous for its frost-covered trees, majestic outdoors, natural hot springs, and fine cuisine. Read to learn how you can best enjoy these destinations using the JR EAST PASS(Tohoku area).

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