Coupon Included! Fashion Shopping at Wooden Doll on Harajuku's Takeshita Street

WOODEN DOLL Takeshita Street Store
Special Tax-Free Coupon


Combined with the regular tax exemption, this coupon allows you to buy products at a discount of up to 20%!

  • Spend 30,000 yen or more and get 5% off your purchase.(3万円以上お買い上げで5%OFF)
  • Spend 50,000 yen or more and get 7% off your purchase.(5万円以上お買い上げで7%OFF)
  • Spend 70,000 yen or more and get 10% off your purchase.(7万円以上お買い上げで10%OFF)
  • Show your smartphone screen displaying the coupon to the staff.(クーポン画面をスタッフに提示)
  • Expiry Date 2024-03-31 23:59:59

    Conditions of Use

  • This coupon can only be used at WOODEN DOLL Takeshita Street Store.(WOODEN DOLL 竹下通り店限定クーポンです)
  • This coupon cannot be used in conjunction with other discounts.(他割引との併用はできません)
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