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Hita City, the Heart of Kyushu


Heart of Kyushu

Hita City Travel Tips

Hita, a city in Oita Prefecture, can be accessed in about one hour from Fukuoka's Hakata Station, Oita Station, and Kumamoto Station. This city is a popular travel destination, being famous especially for Mamedamachi, a street that keeps the traditional atmosphere of a Japanese town. Nevetheless, one of the greatest charms of Hita is its splendid natural environment, which is shaped by mountains and rivers.

Our Hita Special Feature will focus on the local culture that the outstanding nature of Hita gave birth to, as well as on the outdoor activities that can be enjoyed here. We will be introducing Mikuma River, the excellent hot springs available in Amagase Onsen and Oyama, the Sakuradaki Waterfall, and other wonderful places that are worth visiting in Hita.

In addition to Hita's nature, we will also be featuring places where travelers can meet connoisseurs of the city and get the best insider tips for their Kyushu trip. To all of those who wish to get a feel of contemporary Japanese lifestyle, we warmly recommend a trip to Hita City.

The Rugby World Cup 2019 matches will take places in twelve venues all around Japan, of which three venues are located in Kyushu, in the cities of Fukuoka, Oita, and Kumamoto. Hita is located right in the middle between these three cities, which makes it ideal as a sightseeing destination.