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Satoyama Hotel Kaneno Tamba
A new journey to Japan begins at an auberge with delicious food located in the original Japanese landscape.

Tamba region, Hyogo Prefecture. An area where Japan's original landscape, ``satoyama'', remains. A hotel has opened in Tamba where you can enjoy your trip to Japan. Spectacular cherry blossom trees, bright red autumn leaves, idyllic farm scenery, traditional Japanese architecture, beautiful gardens, French cuisine made with locally sourced ingredients, and warm hospitality. You can enjoy everything at this hotel. For the first three days, enjoy a harvest experience at the hotel's farm, read a book in the lounge while listening to music, or head out into the city of Tamba. One of the best parts of traveling is interacting with the locals. From the fourth day onwards, it would be a good idea to stretch your legs a bit and go to Kyoto, Osaka, and Kobe. Travel while living in Tamba. I highly recommend such a trip. Tamba is still unknown to foreigners. A place you'll want to brag about to someone. Our professional staff will help you plan your new trip to Japan.

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