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[Accommodation in Hyogo Tamba] Delicious French cuisine auberge located in a beautiful village “Satoyama Hotel Kanene Tamba”

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Satoyama Hotel Kanenone Tamba, a 7-minute taxi ride from Kashiwara Station on the JR West Fukuchiyama Line, is a renovated traditional Japanese house located in a beautiful village. We are proud of our exquisite French cuisine prepared by top chefs using fresh ingredients from the hotel's farm.

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Access to Satoyama Hotel Kanene Tamba

★1 hour and 30 minutes by limited express from Shin-Osaka Station/Osaka Station

If you are using the Shinkansen, take the Kounotori Limited Express from Shin-Osaka Station or Osaka Station for approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes.

We will arrive at Tamba City, a beautiful city where the original scenery of Japan remains.

If you want to experience the Japanese countryside but find transportation difficult, you can easily reach Tamba City without changing trains by riding the limited express Kounotori.

The limited express Kounotori departs once every hour, and all seats are reserved, so you will need to purchase a reserved seat express ticket in addition to your ticket.

The ticket price is 3,220 yen per person (as of October 5, 2023).

★Get off at JR Kaibara Station

After enjoying the beautiful scenery for about 1 hour and 30 minutes, we arrived at JR Kaibara Station, the gateway to Tamba City.

The wooden station building, typical of the Japanese countryside, is very cute, so we recommend taking a photo of it.

Tamba City values ​​trees and forests and is in harmony with the natural landscape. Kaibara Station is also full of such a woody atmosphere.

There are restaurants and shops at the station, so feel free to talk to the staff.

Although we may not be able to understand the language, the people of Tamba City are very kind. They will tell you through gestures.

Such communication is also one of the pleasures of traveling.

★Take a taxi to the hotel

In front of JR Kaibara Station, there are must-visit spots such as delicious restaurants, cute cafes, scenic light spots, and tourist information centers.

There are many things to do, but let's head to the hotel first to relieve the fatigue of a long trip.

It takes about 7 minutes to get to the hotel by taxi that is parked in front of the station.

Just show the Satoyama Hotel Kaneone Tamba website to the driver.

It's finally the beginning of a new journey to Japan.

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Tamba region, Hyogo Prefecture. An area where Japan's original landscape, ``satoyama'', remains. A hotel has opened in Tamba where you can enjoy your trip to Japan. Spectacular cherry blossom trees, bright red autumn leaves, idyllic farm scenery, traditional Japanese architecture, beautiful gardens, French cuisine made with locally sourced ingredients, and warm hospitality. You can enjoy everything at this hotel. For the first three days, enjoy a harvest experience at the hotel's farm, read a book in the lounge while listening to music, or head out into the city of Tamba. One of the best parts of traveling is interacting with the locals. From the fourth day onwards, it would be a good idea to stretch your legs a bit and go to Kyoto, Osaka, and Kobe. Travel while living in Tamba. I highly recommend such a trip. Tamba is still unknown to foreigners. A place you'll want to brag about to someone. Our professional staff will help you plan your new trip to Japan.

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