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November - December Weather in Osaka and Kyoto: What to Wear in 2023

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Average temperatures in Osaka and Kyoto in November and December range between 15℃ and 7℃. Here are some tips on what to wear if you plan to visit Japan's Kansai region in the winter months.

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November - December Weather in Osaka and Kyoto

November - December Weather in Osaka and Kyoto: What to Wear in 2023

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Do you plan to visit Osaka, Kyoto, or Nara to enjoy the fall foliage or celebrate the New Year? If you’re visiting the Kansai region in November or December, read on for tips on what to wear!

In November 2022, the Kansai region (Osaka - Kyoto area) saw average temperatures of 15.2℃, highs of 19.6℃, and lows of 11.4℃. In December 2022, the average temperature was 7.9℃, with highs of 11.6℃ and lows of 4.6℃.

The Kansai region refers to Osaka Prefecture, Kyoto Prefecture, Hyogo Prefecture (Kobe, Himeji, Arima Onsen, Awaji Island, etc.), Shiga Prefecture (Lake Biwa, Hikone), Nara Prefecture, and Wakayama Prefecture.

Winter Weather and What to Wear in Osaka and Kyoto

November is the most popular season for traveling to Kyoto, Osaka, and the entire Kansai region. The comfortable climate and pleasant autumn breeze beckon foreign visitors and Japanese people alike to come and visit.

During the daytime in early November, you might get too hot if you wear too many layers, but mornings and evenings have drastically lower temperatures, so you should carry a scarf or a light jacket. Also, be wary of sudden showers, which will make the temperature drop.

December is colder than November, so you will need a down jacket, muffler, gloves, and other winter gear. If you are visiting Universal Studios Japan in Osaka, remember that it is by the sea, so be sure to dress warmly.

November Clothing for Osaka/Kyoto

Women: Long Top and Wool Wide Pants

Pair a cotton top with trendy wide pants for a stylish fall look. You will definitely need an extra layer to wear in the mornings and evenings , and you won’t need to worry if you also wear a thin, light, heat-generating undershirt. You won’t need a knit cap or gloves.

Men: Thin Long Shirt and Long Pants

Men can choose something convenient, like a denim shirt, that matches well with any fashion. You should be fine with one layer, but you can also wear a heat-generating undershirt if you feel it's too chilly.

If you plan to explore a lot outdoors, we recommend wearing a comfortable vest or other outer layer.

December Clothing for Osaka/Kyoto

Women: Long Coat, Warm Top, Long Cotton Skirt, and Short Shoes

Layering will become essential in December. When going outside, you should have a long coat, a warm scarf, and comfortable tights to ward off the chills. Since the interior of buildings and trains will be warm, items that can be easily taken off are best.

Beneath your coat, you can coordinate your knit top and tights with a long skirt and stylish short shoes.

Men: Warm Coat, Long Shirt, and Thick Long Pants

Wear a warm coat when going outdoors in December. A thick and heavy coat is hard to move around in when traveling, so wear a heat-generating undershirt to stay comfortable! If it’s particularly cold, have gloves and a scarf ready.

Wear the Right Clothing to Enjoy Your Trip to Osaka and Kyoto

In this article, we focused on late autumn and early winter weather in the Kansai region (Osaka, Kyoto, etc.).

Places like the Greater Tokyo area, Hokkaido, Kyushu, and Okinawa have different climates. Please remember this article when you visit Kansai, and have a pleasant trip.

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