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Weather In Tokyo And What To Wear

Weather In Tokyo And What To Wear

Translated by EndoYasuko

Written by Takuro Komatsuzaki

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Check out the temperatures and weather conditions in Tokyo for each month of the year. This article explains the monthly temperature variations and weather in Tokyo and what kind of clothes you should wear to feel comfortable during travel in each season.

Weather, Temperatures, and Clothing in Tokyo Year-Round

weather in tokyo

Checking the weather before traveling to a place is essential, especially when wondering what clothing to pack.

This article explains the monthly temperature variations in Tokyo and offers tips on appropriate clothing for each season.

Monthly Average Temperatures in Tokyo

The above graph shows average temperatures in Tokyo for each month in Celsius. The dark green bars show the average maximum daily temperature, while the light green bars show the average minimum daily temperature.

August is the Hottest Month in Japan

August is the warmest time of the year on average, especially during the afternoons. We recommend wearing something light such as summer dresses, t-shirts, and shorts in the morning because it is humid and hot. Limit outdoor activities to the morning and evening when possible.

Low Temperatures Start in December and January

From mid-December onwards, the coldest time in Tokyo begins, with temperatures sometimes falling below 1.8℃ (35.1°F) in the morning. You should bring a good winter jacket and warm shoes because the average temperature falls to below 10℃ (50°F) from November through March.

From January to March: Keep Yourself Warm

As we have mentioned above, the temperature tends to stay below 10℃ (50°F) from January to March. It sometimes will even fall below 0℃ (32°F), so you will definitely need a thick coat at the very least to keep yourself warm! If you feel especially cold, you could always show your trendy side by wearing a stylish scarf, knit cap or even mittens as accessories too.

January: High 9.6℃ (49.2°F)/ Low 1.8℃ (35.1°F)


January is a very cold month, so come prepared with winter-appropriate clothing. Long pants, warm, thin layers, a coat, and warm accessories (gloves, a hat, and a scarf) are recommended.

February: High 10.3℃ (50.3°F)/ Low 2.7℃ (36.9°F)


In February, we strongly recommend wearing a down jacket or a coat. You will definitely need gloves and a scarf too. Some say that February feels colder than January or December, but the temperature isn't too different.

March: High 16.4℃ (61.3°F)/ Low 7.9℃ (46.1°F)

The Temperature In Tokyo And What To Wear

Though the daytime temperatures are quite refreshing in March, you might find yourself undressed come sunset. Having a medium weight jacket (or spring jacket with a liner) would be a good idea during this month. You should keep your feet warm as well in this season.

April through June: The Most Comfortable Months

The Temperature In Tokyo And What To Wear

From April to May the weather in Tokyo is very comfortable as average daily temperatures rise to around 20℃ (68°F). However, the gap between the morning low and day time high is larger in April. Since it will get cold during the morning and evening, you should take a thin jacket or hoodie along with you just in case. May and June are typically the mildest months in Tokyo.

April: High 19.2℃ (66.8°F)/ Low 10.8℃ (51.2°F)

It is comfortably warm, so you can wear light clothes, like t-shirts with jeans, long-sleeve shirts and pants, and thin cardigans

May: High 24.1℃ (75.2°F)/ Low 16℃ (60.9°F)


May is another month with very pleasant, moderate temperatures. You will be comfortable wearing long skirts, dresses, and short-sleeved shirts. Bring a lightweight cardigan or sweater for the mornings and evenings.

June: High 26.5℃ (79.4°F)/ Low 20℃ (68°F)

This period is the rainy season in Japan, so you are more likely to feel the humidity rather than heat during this month. It rains quite heavily at times in June, so bringing or purchasing a light raincoat or waterproof shoes would be a good idea.

From July to September: Hot and Humid Summer

The morning low in July and August tends to be just below 30℃ (86°F), which means that every single day the temperatures will be above 30℃. We recommend you wear shirt sleeves, skirts, shorts and dresses. There are many fireworks events in Tokyo at this time of the year, so you will often see people wearing the Japanese casual kimono known as yukata. If you have the chance, you should give it a try!

July: High 31.4℃ (88.3°F)/ Low 24.2℃ (75.8°F)

what to wear in july in japan

Light, breezy clothes are the best for July. Try to avoid darker colors as the sun is quite strong. Put on a wide-brimmed hat to protect yourself from the strong sunlight.

August: High 33.2℃ (91.9°F)/ Low 26℃ (78.9°F)

Weather In Tokyo And What To Wear

If you come to Japan in summer, try on a Japanese yukata!

Just like July, the lighter the better when it comes to clothing in August. Don't forget your sunscreen either!

September: High 28.8℃ (83.9°F)/ Low 21.8℃ (71.1°F)

what to wear in september in japan

Photo by pixta
It remains very warm through most of September, with temperatures dropping by the end of the month. Stick to the light clothing you wear in summer months or wear yukata when you can. At the end of the month, you will be comfortable wearing long pants and thicker fabrics.

October to December: Temperatures Drop!

The average day time high between October and December is 23℃ (73.4°F), while the morning low is 17℃ (62.5°F). Fall is another nice season to visit Japan, as the weather is once again quite comfortable and there are amazing bright red and yellow leaves everywhere.

Even though Kyoto is the most famous destination when it comes to momiji (red maple leaves), you can still enjoy beautifully colored leaves throughout Japan, including Tokyo's gardens and parks. You may need to carry a thin jacket or sweater with you.

October: High 23℃ (73.2°F)/ Low 17℃ (62.8°F)


October is one of the mildest months of the year. It is an ideal time when you can wear a variety of outfits, like long pants, tops of all types, and dresses. Bring a sweater just in case, though, as it can become a little chilly.

November: High 17.4℃ (63.2°F)/ Low 9.8℃ (49.4°F)

what to wear in japan in november

The days in November tend to get colder so we recommend wearing a jacket or a sweater. Depending on the weather, there may be days when you will also need a coat and maybe even a scarf too. November's weather can change drastically throughout the day, so it's a good idea to be a bit over-prepared when visiting during this month.

December: High 12.1℃ (53.9°F)/ Low 4.9℃ (40.9°F)

what to wear in december in japan

December is one of the coldest months of the year, so come prepared with winter clothing. It gets especially colder late in the month, so bring layers, like thin, long, t-shirts, sweaters, and coats. A hat and scarf will help keep you warm against cold gales and wind, which can blow in strong between the skyscrapers in Tokyo.

Check the Local Weather Before Coming to Japan

The weather in Japan and Tokyo is very different throughout the year, with stark differences between the four seasons. If you are not used to this type of weather it can be difficult. With preparation with your clothing and checking the weather, you will have a fun and comfortable trip.

Reference: Japan Meteorological Agency

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