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Japan's Cherry Blossoms In 2020 - Forecast And Best Spots!

Japan's Cherry Blossoms In 2020 - Forecast And Best Spots!

Translated by Lester Somera

Written by MATCHA

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Cherry blossom season usually starts in late March in Tokyo. However, the cherry blossoms bloom at different times depending on the region in Japan. Here is the cherry blossom forecast for 2020, based on latest regional blossom forecasts!

Regional Cherry Blossom Forecast for 2020!

Cherry blossoms or sakura are the symbols of springtime in Japan. Every year around February, you’ll start to see TV programs and web magazines giving out information about when the cherry blossoms will be in bloom.

Generally, the cherry blossom trees will bloom in order geographically in Japan: they first appear in the warm climate of southern Japan and make their way to the Kanto region, which includes Tokyo, then up to Tohoku in the north, and finally to Hokkaido. Since cherry blossoms typically only stay on the trees for around ten days, or two weeks at most, everyone in Japan checks the cherry blossom forecast in springtime. That way, they can enjoy the cherry blossom season at its peak.

We’ve compiled a list of the forecasts for 2020, and peak dates of 2019, and 2018 by region in Japan. Take a look at this beforehand if you plan to spend some time amidst the cherry blossoms this spring.

Please note that it takes a few days until the sakura go into full bloom. Depending on the region and the temperature conditions, it can take from five to ten days. After the full bloom, the cherry blossom will begin to scatter.

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Cherry Blossom Viewing in 2020

Okinawa: The Earliest Cherry Blossoms Bloom Here in January

Photo courtesy of © OCVB

Okinawa’s cherry blossom season is the earliest in Japan, starting in mid-January, so there are cherry blossom festivals and the like in early February to celebrate the flowers. If you plan to check out the flowers on a trip to Okinawa, check the cherry blossom forecast ahead of time.

Year First Day of Blossoms Full Bloom
2018 1/10 1/30
2019 1/10 2/12
2020 1/6 2/3

Areas with Cherry Blossoms Starting from Late March

Kagoshima (Kyushu)

Sakurajima in Bloom Photo courtesy of: Public Interest Incorporated Association, The Kagoshima Prefectural Sightseeing Union
Normally, cherry blossoms bloom earlier than in Tokyo with Kyushu's warm climate. Kagoshima in southern Kyushu, for example, usually welcomes sakura blooming around March. However, when the blossoms come varies by year.

Year First Day of Blossoms Full Bloom
2018 3/17 3/29
2019 3/25 4/9
2020 3/30 4/7

Fukuoka (Kyushu)

Fukuoka Maizuru Park Photo courtesy of: the City of Fukuoka
In temperate Kyushu, there are slight differences between regions, but Fukuoka’s cherry blossom season is also earlier than that of Kanto. It took a slightly longer time for the flowers to fully bloom in 2016.

Year First Day of Blossoms Full Bloom
2018 3/22 3/28
2019 3/22 4/3
2020 3/20 3/30


In the Chugoku region, which includes Hiroshima, the season will start slightly later than in Tokyo.

Year First Day of Blossoms Full Bloom
2018 3/22 3/27
2019 3/28 4/3
2020 3/20 3/30


Night Cherry Blossoms in Kyoto’s Famous Maruyama Park. Photo courtesy of: JAPAN LIBRARY© Y.Shimizu/© JNTO
The ancient city of Kyoto bustles with tourist activity during cherry blossom season. The sight of ancient buildings, set against a backdrop of cherry blossom trees, is a landscape that can only be witnessed in Japan.

Year First Day of Blossoms Full Bloom
2018 3/22 3/27
2019 3/28 4/6
2020 3/21 3/29


Osaka’s Okawa Cherry Blossoms. Photo courtesy of ©Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau
The cherry blossom season in Osaka begins around the same time as Kyoto.

Year First Day of Blossoms Full Bloom
2018 3/20 3/26
2019 3/27 4/4
2020 3/20 3/28


Nagoya City’s Agriculture Center Cherry Blossoms Photo courtesy of: JAPAN PHOTO LIBRARY ©Nagoya Convention & Visitors Bureau/©JNTO
Often, the timing for the season in Nagoya is about the same as in Osaka and Kyoto.

Year First Day of Blossoms Full Bloom
2018 3/19 3/27
2019 3/22 4/4
2020 3/19 3/29


Tokyo Meguro River Arched Bridge. Photo courtesy of Meguro Tourism Association
Tokyo’s cherry blossom season starts in late March. It is common to enjoy the flowers at a place near a train station, and areas like parks, river banks, and gardens will be crowded with people on the weekends.

Year First Day of Blossoms Full Bloom
2018 3/17 3/24
2019 3/21 3/27
2020 3/13 3/23

Sendai - Cherry Blossoms Start from Early April

Miyagi’s Matsushima Bay and Cherry Blossoms Photo courtesy of Miyagi Tourism Department
The cherry blossoms in the Tohoku region, and Sendai, tend to bloom later compared to places like Tokyo. You can check them out along with the rich natural scenery. In the spring, koi-nobori, or carp banners, can be seen flying alongside the cherry blossoms in the parts of Tohoku outside of Sendai.

You can check the cherry blossom forecasts for other cities at this site (Japanese). Note that it’s still going to be pretty cold in the evening, even with the wonderful scenery, so dress warmly when you go to see the flowers.

Year First Day of Blossoms Full Bloom
2018 3/30 4/4
2019 4/5 4/10
2020 3/27 4/5

Hokkaido (Sapporo) - Cherry Blossoms Start from late April

Cherry Blossom Tunnel at Hokkaido’s Matsumae Park. Photo courtesy of: Matsumae Tourism Association
Hokkaido is the northernmost region of Japan and has the latest cherry blossom season. From the end of April, you can enjoy the refreshing sight of rows of cherry blossom trees, stretching across vast grassy fields for what seems like an eternity.

Year First Day of Blossoms Full Bloom
2018 4/26 4/29
2019 4/24 4/29
2020 4/24 4/30

Enjoy the Cherry Blossom Season in Japan!

If you travel to Japan in spring, do travel to the beautiful cherry blossom spots and enjoy the festivals with the local! It's one of the charms of the season that will leave a lasting memory.

Information is up to date as of March, 13 2020. Please refer to Blossom Forecasts (Japanese) for more information.

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