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Spring in Japan 2024: Travel, Clothing, and Weather in March-May

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Spring in Japan spans from March to May. This article contains information on the weather and the best things to do in Japan in the spring. Enjoy your trip to the fullest by viewing cherry blossoms and taking part in spring festivals and events!

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Enjoying Spring in Japan

Spring In Japan: Traveling, Clothing And Weather In March-May

Hirosaki Cherry Blossom Festival. Photo by Pixta

Spring is an exciting season in Japan, with sakura (cherry blossoms), fresh green, and plenty of beautiful things to see, as well as delicious seasonal treats. Also, in Japan, both the school year and business year start in April, making spring a season full of new encounters, activities, and liveliness.

This article introduces travel tips for those planning to visit Japan in spring, such as information on cherry blossom viewing and other fun things to do, weather, what to wear, and events that one shouldn't miss out around this time of the year.

Spring Travel in Japan

1. Cherry Blossom Forecast for 2024
2. Spring Weather in Japan
3. The Highlights of Spring in Japan
- Cherry Blossom Viewing
- Spring Festivals
- Delicious Spring Food and Sweets
4. What to Wear in Tokyo in Spring

Cherry Blossom Forecast for 2024

Spring in Japan 2024: Travel, Clothing, and Weather in March-May

Cherry blossom forecast map based on 2024 information from Weathernews

The most popular variety of cherry blossoms in Japan is the Somei Yoshino variety, which has light pink blooms with an almost translucent quality to them.

In 2024, the cherry blossoms are expected to start blooming in Tokyo around March 20, in Kyoto and Osaka around March 25, and in Fukuoka around March 23 (source: Weathernews)

For details on forecasts for each region and blooming peak times, please refer to the articles below.

Spring Weather in Japan

Spring in Japan 2024: Travel, Clothing, and Weather in March-May

Photo by Pixta

Spring in Japan is generally a three-month period, from March to May.

In March, temperatures in Tokyo are an average of 13 degrees during the afternoon, and 5 degrees Celsius during the morning and evening. In April, afternoon temperatures reach an average of 18.5 degrees, while temperatures in the morning and night are around 10.5 degrees Celsius.

In May, we can experience around 23 degrees Celsius during the afternoon, with temperatures decreasing to around 15 degrees in the evenings and mornings.

Even though it's spring, during the first half of the season there are mostly cold days, while the second half has plenty of sunny days with clear weather.

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The Highlights of Spring in Japan

Spring brings activities, scenery, and treats that can only be enjoyed at this time of the year. Below we introduce three highlights that shouldn't be missed on a spring trip to Japan.

1. Cherry Blossom Viewing

Spring in Japan 2024: Travel, Clothing, and Weather in March-May

Photo by Pixta

Cherry blossoms are a major highlight of spring in Japan. They bloom in parks, along the roads, on the mountains, or along riversides.

The time when the sakura trees go into bloom varies by region and is also influenced by each year's climate. However, the cherry blossoms tend to slowly appear around mid-March, starting from the southern regions of Japan and working their way up to the northern areas.

Spring in Japan: Traveling, Clothing, and Weather in March-May

For 2024, the cherry blossoms in the Tokyo area are expected to start blooming around March 20 and reach full bloom around March 27.

In Osaka and Kyoto, the start of blooming is estimated to be around March 25. The blooming peak is expected to be around March 21 in these cities.

In Hokkaido, however, the average blooming dates are in late April while the full bloom is expected to be during the last days of April - early May.


In Japan, hanami, or cherry blossom viewing parties, are the long-established custom of friends, family, and even coworkers going out to eat and drink together underneath the sakura trees in full bloom.

Spring in Japan 2024: Travel, Clothing, and Weather in March-May

Photo by Pixta

The sakura trees are gorgeous when they are in full bloom, but they are just as beautiful when the petals begin falling.

Moreover, the cherry blossoms can be viewed not only during the day but also in the evening. This is called yozakura (night-time sakura viewing) and is another way of enjoying the beauty of these blooms.

The cherry blossoms stay in bloom for about a week, although this, too, is heavily influenced by the weather. A powerful storm or sudden snowfall would scatter them in an instant. We recommend you plan your spring trip while keeping an eye on our regularly updated cherry blossom forecast as well as weather forecasts.

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2. Spring Festivals

Spring In Japan: Traveling, Clothing And Weather In March-May

Picture from Kawasaki - Places To Have Fun And Visit Before Kanamara Matsuri
Spring marks the beginning of a new year for schools and companies in Japan. Accompanying this are several traditional celebrations visitors can enjoy. Look for elaborate Japanese doll displays for Girl's Day (Hinamatsuri) in early March and cherry blossom viewing festivals in April.

May is a month when many Shinto festivals are held, such as the famous Kanamara Matsuri, a festival honoring marriage and conception held in Kawasaki, near Tokyo. There is a lot to enjoy in spring.

3. Delicious Spring Food and Sweets

Spring In Japan: Traveling, Clothing And Weather In March-May

Cherry blossom season and springtime is the season of adorable cherry blossom-themed sweet snacks.

During spring you will find cherry blossom flavored Japanese sweets, ice cream, and even KitKats. They are generally only available in spring, so make sure to try them when you see them in convenience stores and supermarkets.

Bamboo shoots, aralia elata, Japanese butterbur, and other wild greens start growing around this time. The bitter taste of these products is said to have detoxifying effects.

Soft seaweed, clams, or the Japanese halfbeak are popular spring foods, as well. Also, if there is one fruit we could say is representative of spring, it's strawberries. Strawberries in Japan have been improved upon, and feature many varieties, all of which are sweet and shiny like precious stones.

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What to Wear in Tokyo in Spring

March clothing

March is still quite cold, so you will need a thick coat.

April clothing

In April, there are more and more warm days. However, you will need to take a cardigan, jacket, or coat of some sort on bad weather days, windy days, and when you're planning to go out at night.

May clothing

May has pleasant weather. You will probably do well with a long-sleeved T-shirt and cardigan.

Spring in Japan, especially the season when the cherry blossoms are in bloom, offers pleasant weather and beautiful sights. We warmly recommend that you visit Japan during this time. To find out more about Japan’s spring festivals, please refer to the following article:


What months are spring in Japan?

In Japan, spring typically spans from March to May. The season kicks off with the arrival of cherry blossoms in March, gradually transitioning into milder and warmer weather as spring progresses. May marks the end of spring and the beginning of summer, with temperatures becoming more consistently warm throughout the month. This period offers a beautiful display of cherry blossoms, pleasant weather for outdoor activities, and various traditional festivals and events that highlight the arrival of spring in Japan.

Is spring a good time to visit Japan?

Spring is widely regarded as one of the best times to visit Japan for several reasons. The cherry blossom season typically occurs during spring, offering stunning views of pink and white blossoms throughout the country. The weather is mild and pleasant, making it ideal for outdoor activities and sightseeing. Spring also hosts various traditional festivals and events, adding cultural richness to the travel experience. However, it's essential to plan well in advance as spring is a peak tourist season in Japan, and popular destinations can be crowded.

What is the most beautiful season in Japan?

Each season in Japan has its own unique beauty, but many consider spring during cherry blossom season and autumn during fall foliage season to be particularly stunning. Spring's cherry blossoms create iconic pink and white landscapes, while autumn's foliage paints the countryside in vibrant reds and oranges. Summer features lively festivals and fireworks, and winter offers snowy activities and relaxing onsens. Japan's beauty shines year-round, with each season showcasing its distinct charm and attractions.

Is spring in Japan still cold?

Spring in Japan can vary in terms of temperatures depending on the region and the specific timing within the season. Generally, early spring (March to April) in Japan can still be quite cold, especially in northern regions like Hokkaido. Areas in higher altitudes or mountainous regions may also experience colder temperatures during this time.
During the early stages of spring, temperatures can fluctuate, with chilly mornings and evenings but gradually warming up during the day. It's not uncommon to experience cool or even cold weather, occasional rainfall, and sometimes late-season snow in some parts of Japan during the early spring months.

How does Japan celebrate spring?

In Japan, the arrival of spring is celebrated through various traditional and modern customs. Cherry blossom festivals, known as Hanami, bring people together to appreciate the beauty of cherry blossoms in parks and gardens. Hina Matsuri, the Doll's Festival, honors girls with ornamental dolls on March 3. White Day on March 14 sees men reciprocating gifts to women who gave them chocolates on Valentine's Day. Spring Equinox Day, around March 20, involves paying respects to ancestors. Spring food featuring seasonal ingredients is enjoyed, and school graduations mark the end of the academic year, leading into the new academic year in April. Nature walks and flower viewing activities allow people to embrace the season's beauty and renewal, making spring a prominent and vibrant time in Japanese culture.

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