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Weather Appropriate Fashion For Tokyo In March

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While the sakura will start to bloom in March, it's a mistake to assume that it will be warm. We'll suggest some appropriate outfits for Tokyo visitors.

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Weather-Appropriate Fashion For Tokyo In March

As we enter March, spring is almost here! Many people start looking forward to the cherry blossoms, the temperature starts to warm up, and you will see diners eating outdoors. At the end of March, the buds of the sakura trees will start to bloom, and many people come from afar to see the flowers. While it won’t be as cold as January and February, you’ll still need to guard against the cold. We’ll show you what clothes you should bring if you plan to visit the Kanto region in March!

*Kanto temperatures in March 2016: an average of 10.1°C, high of 14.9°C, low of 6.1°C
*Kanto consists of Ibaraki, Tochigi, Gunma, Saitama, Chiba, Tokyo and Kanagawa.

An Overview of Kanto Weather in March

Weather-Appropriate Fashion For Tokyo In March

In March, there will be more sunlight and fewer rainy days, and you’ll feel a bit warm. Early March is when the season starts to shift, so the temperature is comparatively low and you may need to take a muffler or other warm items with you when you leave the house. The temperature will have risen by late March, but you’ll still need a long-sleeved shirt and a light coat. Mornings and evenings see large temperature swings, and windy days will be chilly, so prepare some protection from the elements.

Recommended Ladies’ Fashion In March: A Light Coat, A Warm Long-Sleeved Garment And Thick Pants (+Muffler)

Weather-Appropriate Fashion For Tokyo In March

At this point you won’t need a heavy coat, so you can wear spring clothing in bright colors. Nevertheless, the temperature will be cold, so you should plan to wear outfits with long sleeves, paired with a coat. Warm pants are a must.

Weather-Appropriate Fashion For Tokyo In March

On warm days, slip on a long cardigan and you can not only fend off the wind, but evoke a feeling of springtime, too.

Weather-Appropriate Fashion For Tokyo In March

For under your coat, if you pick out a thin long-sleeved shirt, or a flannel shirt and sleeveless knit garment, you can handle March temperatures without relying on thermal packs and the like. Thick pants look good paired with a long cardigan or coat. Bring along a muffler or shawl at night, just in case.

Recommended Men’s Fashion In March: A Warm Coat And Thick Pants (+Muffler)

Weather-Appropriate Fashion For Tokyo In March

Men should choose top layers that are easy to take off, like cotton sweaters. We recommend jeans as well.

Weather-Appropriate Fashion For Tokyo In March

If it’s cold, protect yourself with a zip-up jacket and muffler.

Weather-Appropriate Fashion For Tokyo In March

Men can choose thin, light, warm pants and wear heating tights underneath for when the temperature drops.

*Point to keep in mind
This March weather guide is for people going to places in Kanto, like Tokyo or Chiba. If you’re visiting Hokkaido or Okinawa, the temperatures will be quite different, so be careful. We hope that this guide can be helpful for people coming to visit Japan.

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