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Weather-Appropriate Clothing For Tokyo In April

Weather-Appropriate Clothing For Tokyo In April
  • Weather-Appropriate Clothing For Tokyo In April

Translated by Lester Somera

Written by Kunihisa

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“What’s the weather like in Tokyo in April?” “What should I wear when I visit?” If you’re worried about these things, fear not! This article is here to help.

Not knowing what to wear or what kind of clothes to pack is a typical worry for people coming to visit Japan. For that reason, we’ve put together this article about weather and clothing for people planning to visit Tokyo and the Kanto region in April!

Early and late April are very different in terms of climate, so the first half will deal with weather and fashion in early April, and the latter half will deal with late April. Read this article and you’ll definitely know what to pack in your suitcase!

** The April 2017 temperature forecasts for the Tokyo area: Average temperature of 14.2°C, high of 19.0°C, low of 9.4°C
**The Kanto region consists of Ibaraki, Tochigi, Gunma, Saitama, Chiba, Tokyo and Kanagawa.

Tokyo Warms Up in Early April, But Watch Out for Chilly Mornings and Evenings

The sakura start blooming in early April. The sun’s rays will grow stronger and the temperature will rise, so you will no longer need a heavy sweater or coat.

You can be comfortable in a cotton outer garment, thin coat and other light clothing. However, be aware that as in March, mornings and evenings are subject to temperature shifts. On windy nights in particular, the weather can get quite cold, so even if the afternoon is warm, you would be well-served to take a thin coat and a neck warmer, like a shawl or muffler, when you walk around.

Please take a look at this article about March weather, as well.

What to Wear in Early April: A Light Coat, Cotton Cut-and-Sewn Clothing and Inner Wear that Generates Heat

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While the sun’s rays might be warm, there are still chilly winds blowing in early April, and a light, thin coat is perfect for fending off the wind.


“Light and comfortable clothing” is an important guideline for coordinating your spring outfits, but you should take the morning and evening temperature shifts seriously.

Men should bring a jacket or other outerwear that will resist the winds.


If the weather is good, you can take off your coat and enjoy the warm spring climate while wearing one cotton layer.


For people who can’t stand the cold, bundle up in unisex heat-generating inner wear, and be careful not to catch cold!

Late April is Neither Hot nor Cold; Look Out for Spring Showers

Temperatures will rise in late April, but there will also be many encounters with spring showers. During this period of unpredictable weather, you should pick out vests, sneakers, shirts and other clothes that are easy to change in and out of.

What to Wear in Late April: A Cardigan or Vest, Cotton Cut-and-Sewn Clothing and Casual Pants


You definitely won’t need a wool coat at this time! As long as you have a light coat or cardigan that you can easily change in and out of, you should be fine. A thin shirt and jeans that are easy to move in are the perfect outfit for late April weather.


Men’s outfits are even easier. An easily removable coat should be perfect for this Japan trip.

**Something to Keep in Mind

This April weather guide is for people going to places in Kanto, like Tokyo or Chiba. If you’re visiting Hokkaido or Okinawa, the temperatures will be quite different, so be careful. We hope that this guide can be somewhat helpful for people coming to visit Japan.

Wear something comfy and enjoy the sakura in full bloom!

The information presented in this article is based on the time it was written. Note that there may be changes in the merchandise, services, and prices that have occurred after this article was published. Please contact the facility or facilities in this article directly before visiting.

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