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Weather In Kyoto And Osaka In September-October: What To Wear?
  • Weather In Kyoto And Osaka In September-October: What To Wear?

Weather In Kyoto And Osaka In September-October: What To Wear?

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Kyoto, Osaka, Nara, Kobe... There are many popular tourist spots in the Kansai region, and this article looks at the recommended clothing for a comfortable Kansai trip in the autumn months of September and October.

Translated by Lester Somera

Written by Chien

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The Kansai area is home to many popular tourist areas, like the shopping paradise of Osaka, the quintessentially Japanese scenery of Kyoto and Nara, and the romantic views of Kobe.

In October, Universal Studios Japan holds Halloween events, so many people plan their trips to be able to join. One thing you may be concerned about is appropriate seasonal fashion. Let’s look at what to wear in the Kansai area in September and October!

* Kansai area, September 2016: Average temperature of 25.8°C, highs of 29.8°C, lows of 22.8°C.
* Kansai area, October 2016: Average temperature of 20.3°C, highs of 24.8°C, lows of 16.8°C.
* September highs over the past three years: 2016, 34.8°C/2015, 31.7°C/2014, 32.6°C
* October highs over the past three years: 2016, 31.2°C/2015, 27.9°C/2014, 29.2°C

About September and October Weather in Kansai

What To Wear This Fall? Kansai Weather In September/October

It will still be warm in September, so clothes are generally the same as in the summertime. You should wear thin, light and breathable clothing. You will see a lot of people around town in sandals. In late September the temperature will steadily drop, and when it rains you may feel cold. It will be cold in short sleeves, so you should bring something with long-sleeves or three-quarter length sleeves. Early October and late September have about the same weather, but by the end of October, the weather will often suddenly turn cold, so you will find a knit sweater or light coat to be handy. USJ is close to the sea, so there is a marked difference in temperature between morning and night. Be sure to bring something to ward against the cold, and enjoy your trip.

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