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Kansai Region - Japanese Encyclopedia

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In this article, we explain the term "Kansai," which designates the region located in the mid-west area of the main island of Japan. We mention the region's prefectures and some of its famous places to visit.

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The Kansai Region comprises the mid-western area of Honshu, the largest of the islands that makes up the Japanese archipelago, found in the center of the country. The region consists of six prefectures.

The Six Prefectures of Kansai


The Kansai Region encompasses the prefectures of Osaka, Kyoto, Hyogo, Nara, Shiga and Wakayama. There is another appellation for this area when Mie prefecture is added: Kinki Region, which is often used in the names of local companies and groups in the area.

Sightseeing in Kansai

Kansai Region - Japanese Encyclopedia

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In Osaka, you will find Umeda and Dotonbori, places where you can shop and enjoy local food, as well as the Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan and theme parks. You will never run out of things to do in Osaka.

In Kyoto, also known as the western capital of Japan, you will find famous destinations like Kinkakuji Temple and Kiyomizudera Temple. There is a nearly unlimited amount of temples and shrines to be found here.

Kansai Region - Japanese Encyclopedia

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In Nara, you can tour World Heritage sites such as Todaiji Temple, Horyuji Temple, and Kasuga Shrine.

Himeji Castle in Hyogo, also a World Heritage site, is a favorite sightseeing destination for many people. Additionally, places like Lake Biwa in Shiga prefecture and Wakayama's Kumano, known as a power spot with fabulous natural landscapes, draw countless tourists every year.

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