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10 Itinerary Suggestions For A One-Day Trip From Kyoto

10 Itinerary Suggestions For A One-Day Trip From Kyoto

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We have selected ten places where you can have uniquely Japanese cultural experiences on a one day trip from Kyoto.

Translated by Lester Somera

Written by Jihyeon Kim

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The city of Kyoto is beloved by foreign visitors and Japanese people alike.

Kyoto, which was the nation’s capital for over a thousand years, offers a number of uniquely Japanese cultural experiences for tourists; the city has many temples, shrines, and UNESCO World Heritage sites, to name a few.

You could spend days, or weeks, just in Kyoto, and have a great time. However, if you want to stretch your legs a bit, you can enjoy totally different scenes in other wonderful areas near Kyoto. This time, we will introduce 10 places around Kyototo visit on a day trip.

1. Osaka


Views from the Floating Garden Observatory in the Osaka Sky Building (MATCHA article, Japanese)

Along with Kyoto, Osaka is an integral part of the Kansai region. A total change of pace from the calm atmosphere in Kyoto, with its shrines and temples, the lively streets of Osaka are bustling with activity. Osaka has an abundance of great food and sightseeing spots, and Osaka Station is a mere 30 minutes away from KyotoStation.


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2. Kobe


Dash Through the Streets of Kobe With the Cyclo Taxi! 

With an international atmosphere, the port city of Kobe is home to places like the former foreign settlers’ residences, or ijinkan (異人館), the Chinese shopping district of Nankinmachi, and the Ikuta Shrine. In Kobe, Japanese traditions harmonize with foreign influences to create a new side of Japan for you to discover.

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3. Nara


Is it true that there are deer everywhere in Nara Park?  

Nara is famous for sights like the Tōdaiji Buddha, which is registered as a World Heritage Site. The history of Nara is even longer than Kyoto’s, and the city has a peaceful atmosphere which is very alluring. You can play with deer in Nara Park, and the sight of deer using the pedestrian crossings around the park will leave a definite impression!


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4. Himeji


More to Love: 7 Must-See Spots in Himeji Castle

Himeji is most famous for its gleaming white castle, which is a national treasure. In addition, Himeji Castle was the first landmark to be registered as a Japanese World Heritage Site. You can get an amazing view of the city from the castle keep.


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5. Ine


When You’ve Conquered the Usual Tourist Spots, Visit the KyotoSea (MATCHA article, Japanese)

Did you know that KyotoPrefecture is linked to the sea? (*1) The small port town of Ine (伊根) is located on the northern side of the prefecture. Along the coast, the sight of rows of traditional funa-ya (舟屋) residences, built above their boat docks, will leave a strong impression on you.

1: When most tourists imagine “Kyoto”, they think of KyotoCity, which is inside the prefecture.

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6. Amanohashidate


A Short Trip to Amanohashidate, One of Japan’s Three Sights 

Amanohashidate (天橋立) has one of Japan’s three most wonderful landscapes. Located in northern Kyoto, the island “bridge” looks as though it’s holding the gulf at bay. Take the cable car to the top, where you can bear witness to the spectacular combination of beautiful pine forests, mountains, the deep blue seas, and the open skies.

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7. Nagoya


High in the Nagoya Sky: Oasis 21, the Glass Plaza!

After Tokyo and Osaka, the city of Nagoya is said to be one of Japan’s three great metropolises. Nagoya is famous for the impressive Nagoya Castle, adorned by golden shachihoko statues, as well as the eel dish hitsumabushi, and has plenty of other attractions.


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8. Tottori


Japanese Encyclopedia: The Chugoku Region 

The sand dunes of Tottori, stretching along the coast of the Sea of Japan, are very well-known as a national natural monument. The patterns drawn in the sand by the swirling winds seem like art created by nature itself.

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9. Kanazawa


Kanazawa’s Kenrokuen: One of the Three Great Gardens of Japan

Kanazawa is called “little Kyoto” for its atmosphere that reminds one of the old capital. Kenrokuen - one of Japan’s three great gardens - and the elegant townscape will make you forget the aches and pains you’ve picked up during your travels.


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10. Ise


[Mie] Visit Ise Grand Shrine, The Home Of The Japanese Soul 

Ise is located in Mie Prefecture, at the center of the long Japanese archipelago. We recommend paying a visit to the Ise Jingū shrine, beloved by the Japanese people. After that, if you’re hungry, head to Okage Yokochō (*1) and try out the food at various restaurants in the area.

*1… A street with Japanese buildings from the Edo era through the Meiji period, with rows of souvenir shops and places to eat.


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In Conclusion

We have introduced sightseeing areas which can be visited on a one day trip from Kyoto. If your schedule is limited, use your time effectively so that you can explore the many charms Japan has to offer.

The information presented in this article is based on the time it was written. Note that there may be changes in the merchandise, services, and prices that have occurred after this article was published. Please contact the facility or facilities in this article directly before visiting.

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