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Think You've Seen It All In Kyoto? Let's Try Kyoto's Seaside

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Kyoto is famous for its shrines and temples. But did you know that there are great places to visit by the sea? Let's look at Kyoto's seaside attractions using Google street view.

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Kyoto is well known for its famous temples and shrines. But do you know that there are attractions in Kyotowhich are near the sea? Let's get a closer look at some of these attractions using Google street view.

1. Amanohashidate

 Amanohashidate View Land

Please place your cursor on the image above and move it about freely. The point of view will change, allowing you to feel like you are actually there.

One of the Kyoto's seaside attractions is Amanohashidate (天橋立).

It is a nearly 3.6 km long sand bar that spans from 20 to 170 meters wide. There are about 8,000 pine trees growing in this area.

You can get to look over Amanohashidate from its south side at Amanohashidate View Land, which is located at the top of Mt. Monju. People say that Amanohashidate looks like a dragon dancing in the sky from there.

"Amanohashidate" means "a bridge crossing over the sky" in Japanese. If you look at Amanohashidate from the bottom up, it looks like a bridge in heaven apparently. So this is the reason why it is called "Amanohashidate". But how do you do that?

There is a special viewing area called Momo-nozoki-dai (股のぞき台), from which, if you bend over and look between your legs, you can see this heavenly bridge. Many people stop here to stand on the viewing platform with their legs apart in order to see this sight.

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Kasamatsu Park

This is Kasamatsu Park where you can see Amanohashidate from its north side.  The observation deck called Sky Deck here is always crowded with visitors. If you keep clicking the screen above on the right, you will see the glass walkway where you can enjoy standing on the sky walk.

There is a shrine inside the park where you can pray for love, relationships, marriage, family health and so on. It is a sacred place where many people come and worship.

Finally let's take a walk about Amanotashidate on Google street view. The streets are pretty wide, which is hard to imagine when you have just seen them from above.

2. Tateiwa

Let's move from Miyazu city where Amanohashidate is located to Tango city, where you will find Tateiwa ("The Standing Rock") on the Taizura Inlet.

The sheer size of this enormous rock is impressive, but the fact that it appears almost to float on the sea is even more jaw-dropping. According to legend, a monstrous ogre that lived in this area was confined inside this stone one day when it fell from the heavens; it is believed that the ogre is trapped there still. On days when it's windy and the waves are high it is said that we can still hear the demon's screams from inside the stone.

3. Hamazume Coast

Hamazume Coast is always crowded during the summer. Its gently sloping beach is great for kids. Most of the people might never think of the beach when it comes to Kyoto, but you can enjoy snorkeling in the summer here. The beach is about 2 km long, so even if you come during winter, you can enjoy a great walk on the beach while listening to the sounds of waves and its atmosphere.

4. Ine Bay

If you drive for half an hour from Amanohashidate, you will get to Ine-chō (Ine town). There are about 230 funaya (traditional fisherman’s houses) lined up right by the sea in this town. The first floor of a funaya is a boathouse, much like a garage for their fishing boats and the second floor is living space; this construction style is considered to be quite unusual in Japan these days.When you see them on Google street view, don't they look like little houses floating on the sea?

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What do You Think of Kyotoby the Sea?

When we talk about attractions in Kyoto, Kinkakuji Temple, Kiyomizu-dera Temple and Fushimi Inari Shrine are always at the top of the list. But there are wonderful places to visit by the sea which let you feel the magnificence of Kyoto. If you plan to go to Kyoto, please consider visiting the places we introduced here.


Kyoto's Seaside Attractions

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