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Nandeyanen? 6 Osaka Dialect Phrases That Are Meccha Important!

Nandeyanen? 6 Osaka Dialect Phrases That Are Meccha Important!

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Learn six useful phrases in the Osaka dialect! Osakans are well-known for their great sense of humor. With these phrases, you'll be able to communicate like a local from Osaka!

Translated by Satomi Ohba

Written by Atsuko Yagura

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Osaka-ben (dialect). People from Osaka has a lot of pride when it comes to their dialect.

Most people from the countryside begin to adopt standard Japanese after they come to Tokyo. But not Osakans. They will speak their Osakan dialect anywhere in Japan, maybe even overseas, too. It may just be a dialect, but an Osakan may have more passion for Osaka-ben than you could ever imagine.

The Osaka dialect is a dialect from the Kansai area and is similar to both the Kyoto and the Kobe dialects. It’s a powerful dialect consisting of quick reactions, fast talking, and good rhythm. We will introduce some phrases from Osaka that you can actually use when you visit Osaka.

1. めっちゃ (Meccha)

"Meccha" means "very" or "really". It’s a word to emphasize what is said afterward.

Meccha good, meccha handsome, meccha kawaii, [it] meccha suits you, meccha delicious... Put meccha in front of what you say, especially when you want to praise someone. You're sure to make them even happier!

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