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Travel Cheaply Within Osaka With Enjoy Eco Card!

Travel Cheaply Within Osaka With Enjoy Eco Card!

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When in Osaka, you'll need to use the city's public transportation system, and fares can add up quickly. Pick up an Enjoy Eco Card for cost-effective travel!

Translated by Lester Somera

Written by Mai Nakagawa

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Eco Card1

If you plan to go sightseeing in Osaka, you can expect to make heavy use of the public transportation system. You’ll quickly find that all the bus and subway fares add up.

If you’re thinking, “I wish I could travel around Osaka cheaply and efficiently,” then the Enjoy Eco Card, sold by the Osaka Municipal Transportation Bureau, will grant your wish!

An Enjoy Eco Card is 300 yen for children and 800 yen for adults (600 yen on weekends), and allows its holder unlimited one-day access to the Osaka subway, the New Tram (the Nanko Port Town Line) and municipal bus lines.

For example, after seeing Tsutenkaku and Shitennoji Temple, you could take the subway, go sightseeing on the Suijo Bus Aqua-Liner, then ascend to the top of the Umeda Sky Building at night and gaze down at the illuminated cityscape... Just think of the possibilities with this one card.

How To Buy An Enjoy Eco Card

You can buy a card at any subway station (via vending machines, commuter pass counters, travel information corners and shops), on board buses (adult passes only) and municipal bus offices.

This time we’ll explain how to buy a card from the most prevalent ticket seller, the subway vending machine.

Step 1. Put in your money

Eco Card 2

Put money into the slot indicated by the blue square above.

Step 2. Select “Purchase card”

Eco Card3

When you do, the display will change to this screen. Push the “Purchase card” button on the right, indicated by the blue square in the picture. Press the left button and you’ll end up on the screen for purchasing regular tickets.

Step 3. Choose whether you want a card for weekdays or for weekends/public holidays

The prices for weekday cards and for weekend cards are different. Look at the red box in the picture. For weekday cards, hit the left button. For weekend cards, hit the right button with the black stripe.

Step 4. Purchase complete!

Eco Card5

You’ve successfully purchased your Enjoy Eco Card! At first, there will be no date markings, but the day’s date will be inscribed on the card after passing through a ticket gate. The card is valid for that entire day. **The card in the photo is a weekends/public holidays card.

Be Careful! I Didn’t Change Trains, But I Can’t Pass Through The Gate?!

Certain journeys via the Chuo, Midosuji and Sakaisuji Lines on the municipal subway may require additional fares. This is because some subway cars use private railway lines en route to the final stop.

Applicable routes and stations are as follows.

Chuo Line

There are no additional fares up to Nagata Station. If you get off between Aramoto Station, and Gakken Nara Tomigaoka Station, there is an additional fare for the Kintetsu Keihanna Line.

Midosuji Line

There are no additional fares up to Esaka Station. If you get off between Ryokuchi-Koen Station and Senri-Chuo Station, there is an additional fare for the Kita-Osaka Kyuko Line.

Sakaisuji Line

There are no additional fares up to Tenjinbashisuji Roku-chome Station. If you get off between Nijima Station/Awaji Station and Kita-Senri Station, or between Awaji Station and Kawaramachi Station, there is an additional fare for the Hankyu Line.

Not Just Unlimited Rides! Two Special Discounts With One Eco Card

For people who think they won’t be using the subway very much, we suggest taking advantage of the Enjoy Eco Card discounts. Just by showing your card at the front desk, you can receive a discount at the Osaka Castle tower, the Umeda Sky Building, Tsutenkaku, and around 30 other Osaka tourist hotspots.


Osaka Castle

Adults 600 yen→500 yen (free for children under JHS age)

Umeda Sky Building’s Floating Garden Observatory

Adults 700 yen down to 630 yen

Junior high school students 500 yen down to 450 yen

Elementary school students 300 yen down to 270 yen

It’s not unusual for places to give 10% discounts such as these.

For more information about places where the Enjoy Eco Card discounts are valid, look at the Osaka Transportation Bureau website.

An Enjoy Eco Card will be a powerful ally in your quest to have a cost-effective sightseeing tour in Osaka, so by all means, pick one up when you come to town.

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