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Welcome to MATCHA's Japanese Encyclopedia, where we explain key words and concepts from Japan. This time, we introduce power spots, the latest craze in Japan!


Power spots, also known as kiba or energy spots, are places with a strong life force where unseen mystical powers seem to be at play.

A Modern Craze with Traditional Origins

In East Asian medicine and philosophy, there is a concept called ki, or life energy, which has long been believed to cause mysterious phenomena and have the power to cure illness. Recently, places where this mystic force gathers have been gaining attention, and thanks to television personalities and other celebrities visiting these power spots, they've become quite the trend.


Source: Enjoy the Cool Summer in Spiritual Places “Kurama” and “Kifune”

Several famous power spots are temples and shrines, such as Izumo-taisha in Shimane Prefecture or Kifune Shrine in Kyoto. In other places, the power spot is nature itself, like world-famous Mt. Fuji and Chikubu Island in Shiga Prefecture, where Lake Biwa is located.

Discover the Power for Yourself

Sharing the same status as Mt. Fuji as a World Heritage Site, Wakayama Prefecture's Kumano is praised as being a spot that receives power from the Gods of the natural world and is definitely worth a visit.

This is especially true of Nachi Falls, which is revered as a deity itself. It's said that if you bathe the spray that cascades from its 133-meter height, all that ails you will be washed away, and you will be born anew.

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