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Know Before You Go! Hiroshima's Weather And What To Wear

Know Before You Go! Hiroshima's Weather And What To Wear

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Written by Jumpei Kawashima

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If you plan on traveling in Hiroshima, this article is a must-read! Learn all about the weather and what to wear in this amazing city on a month by month basis, complete with the average high and low temperatures.

The Climate in Hiroshima

Hiroshima is one of the prefectures in Japan which belongs to the Chugoku region. After the devastation it suffered during the Second World War, Hiroshima now offers numerous historical and cultural attractions, such as the the Atomic Bomb Dome and Itsukushima Shrine. Many travelers visit Hiroshima throughout the year.

When you travel to Hiroshima, the first thing you will probably want to know about is the weather and climate of Hiroshima. Based on information from 2015, we will now give you a breakdown of the weather in Hiroshima, as well as what sorts of clothing to bring with you should you be visiting during a given month.

Regarding the Average, High, and Low Temperatures in Hiroshima

In general, the seasons are clearly separated by distinct weather patterns in most of Japan. Hiroshima has more sunny days per year than Tokyo, which means that it offers a lot more pleasant weather all throughout the year. On the other hand, the temperature difference between the hottest month, August, and the coldest month, January, is more than 20℃. You should plan what to pack based on the season you travel in.

August is the hottest month of the year, and sees more precipitation more than other months; it is better to dress lightly as well as bring rain gear with you. January is the coldest month of the year, seeing an average low of about 2.8℃; sometimes snow even covers the ground. You need to have something you can keep warm such as a down jacket or a coat as well as shoes or boots which will help you to walk on snow.

Now we will take a look at the weather in Hiroshima from month to month, as well as discuss what sorts of clothing to bring along on your journey.

January, February and March: It Might Snow, Protect Yourself Against Cold Weather

January, February and March are Hiroshima's winter season. Especially in January, the average temperature could go down below 10℃, or some days could be below freezing. Since cold days continues during winter, bring plenty of warm clothing, and a heavy winter jacket or coat with you. Moreover, since it may snow and the snow tends to stick around, bring sensible, warm shoes or boots rather than fashion-based footwear.

January: Average High of 9.8℃, Average Low of 2.8℃

A Guide of Hiroshima Weather and What to Wear Month by Month

January in Hiroshima is the coldest month of the year. There is a chance of snow, so it is advisable to bring your warm clothes and to wear comfortable shoes to walk. It could be dry inside of buildings because of the heating systems. Dry air might cause dry skin or a dry throat, so bringing or purchasing items to alleviate these problems is a good idea as well.

February: Average High of 10.5℃, Average Low of 2.8℃

A Guide of Hiroshima Weather and What to Wear Month by Month

February is another cold month. Besides a warm coat or jacket, you should also pack gloves and scarves with you to protect yourself from cold weather.

Please also read the article, Visiting Japan In Winter: What You Need To Know to find out more about what the winter in Japan is like.

March: Average High of 14.8℃, Average Low of 5.8℃

A Guide of Hiroshima Weather and What to Wear Month by Month

Once March comes, the weather starts to get milder and there are more warm days which remind you that spring is coming. In Hiroshima, cherry blossoms start blooming from the end of March onwards.

April, May and June: the Best Time to Visit Hiroshima, Sakura and Fresh Greenery

Once April starts, the average high temperature goes up to 20℃, which makes April a pleasant month to stay. In addition, cherry blossoms are in full bloom during early April in Hiroshima, making it the best month to enjoy cherry blossom viewing. May weather is pretty stable in temperature and humidity which are another pleasant time of the year. The sight of the trees becoming lush and green after the blooming season is quite lovely as well. When June begins you might find that it is rather hot out, even more so as June is the month when tsuyu or the rainy season takes place in Japan, so please pack rain gear.

April: Average High of 20.2℃, Average Low of 11.6℃

A Guide of Hiroshima Weather and What to Wear Month by Month

Early April is the time to view cherry blossoms in Hiroshima. The weather warms up during the day, however it can get cool in the morning and at night. So you might want to wear a long sleeve shirt and put one more layer on if you feel particularly chilly.

May: Average High of 25.4℃, Average Low of 15.9℃

A Guide of Hiroshima Weather and What to Wear Month by Month

May is a pleasant month to stay in as the weather is stable and mild, with a comfortable temperature and humidity level. We would say that May is the best month to travel to Hiroshima. Wearing a long sleeve shirt is enough during the day. But we advise you to bring a light jacket with you as the mornings and the nights might get cool.

June: Average High of 26.4℃, Average Low of 19.3℃

A Guide of Hiroshima Weather and What to Wear Month by Month

When June begins, the average low temperature goes up to around 20℃ and summer-like temperatures start. In addition, June is the rainy season in Hiroshima; it might rain most days out of the month, so it's a good idea to carry a portable umbrella or other rain gear with you at all times. At convenience stores, you can find rain gear such as folding umbrellas which is really easy to carry around, at very reasonable prices. If you don't want to travel with an umbrella, picking one up while in Japan is easy enough too.


June in Hiroshima is humid. It is better to pack short sleeves and summery clothing, although you might want to bring a light hoodie or cardigan with you, just so that you can adjust to the temperature indoors more easily.

For more information about the rainy season, please check out the following article: How To Enjoy Japan's Rainy Season.

July, August and September: Hiroshima's Summer, Summer Clothes and Drinking Plenty of Water are Essential

Rainy season is over around mid-July. Then the summer season comes, and hot, humid weather continues with highs hitting in the 30℃ range. We suggest you dressing lightly. August in Hiroshima is the hottest month of the year, with temperatures exceeding 35℃ at times, which is hotter than Tokyo. It is hot and humid. It is vital that you drink plenty of fluids in order to avoid dehydration and heat stroke too. In early September the summer heat continues, but as the month progresses, it will start to get a bit cooler. Once the late September comes, the mornings and nights can be chilly. You might want to bring some warm clothes with you if you travel in Hiroshima at that time.

July: Average High of 30.2℃, Average Low of 23.6℃

A Guide of Hiroshima Weather and What to Wear Month by Month

Rainy season is over and the summer heat starts. Since the average high temperature during the day reaches around 30℃, wearing summer clothes such as short sleeves, polo shirts, shorts and short skirts is recommended.

The sun gets very strong during this time of year, so please do not forget to pack a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen.

August: Average High of 31.6℃, Average Low of 24.1℃

A Guide of Hiroshima Weather and What to Wear Month by Month

August in Hiroshima is the hottest month of the year. Just as in July, dress lightly and comfortably for the weather conditions. Hot and humid days with highs around 35℃ will continue throughout the month. If you plan to do a lot of touring about the city, please drink plenty of water to prevent heat stroke.

September: Average High of 27.6℃, Average Low of 19.8℃

A Guide of Hiroshima Weather and What to Wear Month by Month

It is still quite hot during the day in September, so you will probably want to pack short sleeve clothes. However in late September, the weather becomes milder, and especially the mornings and nights could be chilly. You might want to bring a light jacket with you.

October, November and December - Autumn Colors! Be Careful About Temperature Differences Between Day and Night

The temperature and humidity level are quite stable in October, which makes October the most pleasant time of the year. From late October to November, the leaves start to turn red or yellow which allows you to view beautiful fall foliage anywhere in Hiroshima. Since December marks the beginning of the winter, with an average low temperature below 10℃, you should prepare winter jackets and accessories.

October: Average High of 23.6℃, Average Low of 13.3℃

A Guide of Hiroshima Weather and What to Wear Month by Month

October is characterized by a generally mild climate, making it another highly recommended time to visit along with the month of May. You can easily spend the day in a long sleeve shirt but it is better to bring a light jacket with you to adjust to changing temperatures from morning to night.

A Guide of Hiroshima Weather and What to Wear Month by Month

Autumn foliage starts to be seen from late October, and these natural displays attract many visitors to the region. There are many fall foliage spots found in Hiroshima, such as Fudoin Temple located within Hiroshima city and Buttsuji Temple in Mihara city, located east of Hiroshima city. We highly recommend you pay a visit if you travel to Hiroshima in autumn.

Miyajima which is famous for Itsukushima Shrine, is also known as one of the most popular spots for viewing fall leaves in Hiroshima.

November: Average High of 18.4℃, Average Low of 11.5℃

A Guide of Hiroshima Weather and What to Wear Month by Month

Cold weather begins in November. The average high temperature could go below 20℃ which might leave you feeling chilly. You'll need to dress warmly, such as wearing a jacket or a sweater, even a coat on an especially chilly day in order to protect against cold.

Please also check out Autumn Activities, Weather And Clothing In Japan for more information.

December: Average High of 13.4℃, Average Low of 5.8℃

A Guide of Hiroshima Weather and What to Wear Month by Month

The average low temperature dips below 10℃ when December comes, marking the beginning of the winter season in Hiroshima. Wearing winter clothes such as a heavy coat or down jacket as well as a warm hat and scarf is advised.

Travel in Comfort and Style With the Right Clothes in Hiroshima!

One of the charms of traveling Japan is that you can enjoy a wide variety of landscapes as each season progresses. If you know what to expect of the weather in Hiroshima, you can better plan what clothing and other items you will need to bring with you on your journey. This is especially important as summers in Hiroshima are far hotter than those in Tokyo and other regions of Japan. Please keep this in mind.

When you plan a trip to Hiroshima, please think of this article as your guide to the weather and have a pleasant trip to Hiroshima!

Reference: Japan Meteorological Agency Weather Data

The information presented in this article is based on the time it was written. Note that there may be changes in the merchandise, services, and prices that have occurred after this article was published. Please contact the facility or facilities in this article directly before visiting.

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