The Climate Of Tottori Prefecture - Seasons And What To Wear

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In Tottori, visitors can enjoy various activities throughout the year. Read on to learn more about the features of its four seasons. From cherry blossoms spots in spring to the heavy snow in winter, there is a lot to enjoy in Tottori in every season!

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When people see the Tottori Sand Dunes, a popular sightseeing spot which resembles a desert, many of them imagine Tottori prefecture to be a hot and dry land.

But visitors can enjoy a different aspect of Tottori in every season. Spring brings warm weather, along with the sakura (cherry blossoms), and summer is the season to go swimming or go for a stroll in the woods.

In fall, the climate becomes cool, and the autumn leaves appear. There is a lot of snow in winter, making it possible for visitors to enjoy sports such as skiing.

The Climate of Tottori

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In Tottori City, located in eastern Tottori, the average temperature throughout the year is 14 degrees Celsius, although it rises to 30 degrees in summer, and drops below zero in winter. In the mountainous regions near Mt. Daisen, located in western Tottori, the temperature drops further down.

It is said that the Tottori climate is good for the skin. This is attributed to the fact that there are many onsen (hot springs) in the prefecture, and to the amount of rainfall, both of which help to moisturize the skin and keep it healthy.

This article introduces the features of the four seasons in Tottori, as well as clothing tips for traveling.
** The temperatures listed below are based on the data collected by the Meteorological Agency, from 1981 to 2010.

Spring (from March to May)

tottori weather

Photo courtesy of: Tottori Prefecture

The weather is moderate, an ideal time to go outdoors. This is the sakura (cherry blossoms) season, so many people visit the sakura viewing spots, go hiking at Mt. Daisen, or participate in various activities at the Tottori Sand Dunes.

The average temperature in March is 7 to 8 degrees Celsius. It can drop as low as 3 degrees, so dress warmly. Make sure you wear a sweater and a coat.

In April, the average is 13 degrees, and sometimes rises to 20. But it will still be chilly in the morning and evening hours, so take along a jacket or a coat.

The average temperature will rise to 17-18 degrees in May. It will sometimes climb over 20 degrees, and even the low temperature will be 12-13 degrees. A long (or short) sleeved shirt, along with something to keep warm, should be enough.

Summer (from June to August)

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The G-Beerfest Daisen and the opening of the Mt. Daisen climbing season are held in June. Various events such as the Shan-shan Festival (Tottori City) and Yonago Gaina Festival (Yonago) will be held from July to August.

To learn more about the summer events, please read the MATCHA article Seasonal Events In Tottori: Cherry Blossoms, Autumn Leaves, Festivals. July and August are a good time to enjoy swimming and other water sports.

The average temperature in June is 21 to 22 degrees, and sometimes rises to 25 degrees. With tsuyu (rainy season) setting in, the climate will become sultry, so a short-sleeved shirt is recommended. Don't forget to bring your umbrella and rainwear.

The average temperature will be over 25 degrees and may climb to 30 degrees in July, so there will be no need for a long-sleeved shirt.

In August, the average temperature will be more than 27 degrees, and it will keep climbing. A light jacket and hat will come in handy to ward off the sunlight. To avoid a heatstroke, don't forget to drink plenty of water.

Fall (from September to November)

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Photo courtesy of: Tottori Prefecture

Visitors can enjoy pear-picking from July to November. The harvest of Nijisseiki Nashi pears begins in late August, and ends around October. The autumn leaves will appear around Mt. Daisen and other areas from October to November.

Some water sports such as clear kayaking can also be enjoyed in September and October.

The late summer heat will linger in September, with temperatures still over 25 degrees. Short-sleeved shirts should be enough, but a long-sleeved shirt may come in handy. Be careful to avoid heatstroke.

The temperature sometimes rises over 20 degrees even in October. The average temperature is 16-17 degrees, and the low temperature is about 12 degrees. This is the time to wear a light coat or a jacket.

It will rapidly grow cold in November. The average temperature is 11-12 degrees, and the low temperature drops to 7 degrees. It may even snow during November, so don't forget something warm to wear.

Winter (from December to February)

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Photo courtesy of: Tottori Prefecture

Tottori is known for its heavy snowfall, with many snowy days from December to February. Matsuba crab is the food in season, along with various seafood dishes. Visitors can also enjoy winter sports such as skiing, so it might be fun to taste the crabs and relax at the hot springs.

The average temperature in December is about 6 to 7 degrees, and the low temperature is three degrees. The snow starts falling in earnest from December.

From January to February, the low temperature hovers around sub-zero. The average temperature is about 4 degrees, with many cold days. The mountainous regions, such as the Mt. Daisen area, will be much colder.

The snowfall will also be heavier in those regions.

From December to February, visitors will need warm coats, hats, gloves and snow boots. Rental car users should ask for snow tires on their vehicles.

Rain, Snow or Shine, There's Fun in Tottori!

Gosho Aoyama Manga Factory, where visitors can enjoy the world of Detective Conan, is a popular spot to visit, no matter the weather. Even with the snow, visitors can enjoy fine seafood dishes at Sakaiminato City in western Tottori.

Regardless of the weather conditions, Tottori offers many appeals, so pick a season for your visit.

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