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A natural paradise, away from the hustle and bustle of the city.
Located in western Japan, Tottori prefecture is a scenic area that perfectly matches that description. From the Tottori Sand Dunes, you can appreciate various spectacular views of the natural landscape of this prefecture.

And in this nature rich region, you can taste some of Japan's best gourmet cuisine, like Matsuba crab (snow crab), and Tottori wagyu beef. And, although this may surprise some, Tottori is home to two of Japan's most popular manga authors, who created works like ""Detective Conan"" and ""Gegege no Kitaro"", which come to life at special anime related facilities. Only in Tottori can you enjoy both the natural world and the world of anime.

In this special feature, we have compiled the most recommended sightseeing spots, gourmet cuisines, and accommodations found in Tottori prefecture. If you find yourself feeling tired of the city and its rush, then why not visit Tottori prefecture and sooth yourself with natural wonders, delicious cuisines, and luxurious soaks in hot springs.

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