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15 recommended souvenirs to buy in Hiroshima!

Speaking of Hiroshima souvenirs, Momiji manju is well known and also delicious, but there are many other attractive souvenirs! From standard sweets to local sake. Here are 15 classic souvenirs that will bring back happy memories of your trip to Hiroshima.


1. Momiji manju

A maple-shaped sponge cake filled with red bean paste, it is a representative souvenir of Hiroshima. The standard filling is koshian (smooth bean paste) or tsubuan (sweet red bean paste), but recently there are a wide variety of flavors such as cheese cream, chocolate cream, custard cream, and matcha flavor.

2. Yamadaya Tohba

Toyouka is a sweet made by wrapping azuki bean paste in a dough made from glutinous rice and then baking it lightly and softly. It has a smooth texture and a mellow flavor that goes well with green tea.


3. Nishikido “Nama Momiji”

Nama-momiji is a sweet made from Momiji manju, a souvenir that represents Hiroshima. A moist and elegant manju made with mochi flour and rice flour from Hiroshima Prefecture.


4. Kameya "Kawadori Mochi"

This is Hiroshima's representative confection, made by sprinkling soybean flour on soft gyuhi and adding walnuts. It is a fresh sweet with a simple and gentle sweetness that spreads in your mouth. The texture of walnuts is accented in the chewy texture.

> Okashidokoro Kameya

5. Kashihara “Original Hassaku Daifuku”

"Hassaku Daifuku" has become a popular product in recent years as a new face of Hiroshima's famous confectionery. It is a Japanese confectionery filled with fresh hassaku that is wrapped in white bean paste inside mochi that is kneaded with mandarin oranges. You can also buy it inside Hiroshima Station or at souvenir shops.

> Kashihara

6. Bakken Mozart "Freshly Baked Karasu Barley Cookies"

The 2016 Monde Selection Grand Gold Award winner, “Freshly Baked Karasu Barley Cookies”. A popular cookie made with highly nutritious oak barley rich in vitamins and minerals, almonds imported directly from California, and wasanbon (Japanese refined sugar) .

> Backen Mozart

7. Yamato Foods "Lemosco"

Lemosco is a new sensation seasoning made with Hiroshima lemon juice and peel from the Seto Inland Sea. Using seaweed salt made from Setouchi seawater, the sourness of lemon and the spiciness of green chili peppers are the best match. It can also be used for fried foods, stir-fried foods, pasta and salads.

> Yamato Foods "Setouchi Lemon Farm"

8. Mishima Foods "Yukari"

“Yukari” is a representative long-selling product of Mishima Foods. Mixed rice with fragrant and refreshing red shiso. It can be used not only with rice and rice balls, but also with pasta and wild grass.

> Mishima Foods

9. Kurasaki Kaisan “Oiru & Oistar”

It is a popular product that has been featured in various media such as "Himitsu no Arashi-chan" (TBS) and "Law Counseling Center" (Nihon TV). Oysters grown in Hiroshima Bay farms are grilled until fragrant, seasoned with soy sauce, and soaked in genuine corn oil.

> Kurasaki Seafood

10. Hiroshima Sake Hara Honten "Horaitsuru", Kamotsuru Sake Brewery "Kamotsuru"

Sake is also delicious in Hiroshima! The Hara Hoten is located in Hiroshima city and was founded in 1805 (Bunka 2nd year), a long-established store with over 200 years of history. "Horaitsuru" is fragrant and has a refreshing taste. Kamotsuru Sake Brewery "Kamotsuru" is a brand that is well-known nationwide. Daiginjo sake has a good balance of mild aroma, gentle taste, and just the right amount of richness. This sake is synonymous with Hiroshima.

> Hara Honten

> Kamotsuru Sake Brewery

11. CARP Baseball Gallery Carp Goods

Hiroshima is Carp, Carp is Hiroshima. You can't miss carp goods that you want even if you're not a carp girl. We also have posters and postcards of athletes, and original goods limited to stores.

> Carp Baseball Gallery

12. V-POINT Sanfrecce Hiroshima Goods

Speaking of soccer in Hiroshima, it is Sanfrecce Hiroshima. From face towels and uniforms with player names to trading cards and hats, there are souvenirs that will please everyone from children to adults. In addition, the collaboration product with the local soy sauce maker Kawanaka Soy Sauce, “Hojun Natural Kake Soy Sauce Sanfrecce Bottle” is also popular as a new souvenir product.

> Sanfrecce Hiroshima official shop

13. Kumano Brush Select Shop "Makeup brushes, calligraphy brushes, painting brushes"

Approximately 80% of Japanese brushes, including painting brushes, calligraphy brushes, and makeup brushes, are produced in Kumano Town. Craftsmen select the appropriate type of animal hair for the purpose of use, and each hair is made by hand. For this reason, painting brushes are famous for their different textures, and makeup brushes are known for their pleasant texture.

> Kumano brush select shop

14. Hattendo "Cream Bread"

After much trial and error over 3 years of development, this is the supreme cream bread that can be eaten cold. The simple custard cream is combined with the smooth and flavorful genuine cream for a light and elegant finish. Don't forget to keep them refrigerated!

> Hattendo

15. Shimagokoro “Setoda Lemon Cake”

A super popular product that has sold over 3 million units! The secret of the lemon cake is the special lemon jam kneaded into the dough, which is made with lemons from Setoda, which is the largest producer in Japan. By carefully cutting the pericarp by hand, we bring out the aroma and flavor of the lemon.

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