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Flowers In The Rain: Five Tokyo Spots To Admire The Hydrangeas

Flowers In The Rain: Five Tokyo Spots To Admire The Hydrangeas

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The hot, humid rainy season is the best time to admire the hydrangeas in full bloom. This article introduces five great places to see them in and around Tokyo.

Translated by Lester Somera

Written by Sawada Tomomi

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Every year around June tsuyu or the rainy season makes its way to Japan.

The rainy season is hot and very humid, so it could be said that it’s not the best time for tourists to come visit Japan, especially if they are unused to the climate. Nevertheless, the rainy season has its own unique charms and fun activities. One of those activities is viewing hydrangeas, also known as ajisai in Japanese. These vividly-colored yet modest Japanese flowers only bloom during this time.

This article will introduce you to five carefully chosen spots around Tokyo and its suburbs where you can view the charming hydrangea flowers.

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1. Hakusan Shrine and Hakusan Park in Bunkyo Ward


Photos provided by: Bunkyo Ward


Photos provided by: Bunkyo Ward

During the rainy season, the Bunkyo Hydrangea Festival is held at Hakusan Shrine, famous for its hydrangea gardens; the festival grounds extend from the shrine compound to Hakusan Park. Roughly three thousand hydrangeas are in full bloom at this gorgeous festival, which vie for visitors’ attention with their bewitching colors.

There are also events held during the festival period, primarily on the weekends, and the area is crowded with people. The festival period typically runs from the 10th to around the 20th of the month, but there are minute changes to the schedule every year. Check the official website of the Bunkyo ward for further details.

2. Meigetsuin Shrine, Hasedera Temple and Jojuin Shrine in Kamakura


Celebrating The Flower Of Tsuyu: Hydrangeas At Their Peak In Kamakura

Kamakurain Kanagawa prefecture is perhaps most well-known as one of the best places to see hydrangeas in Japan. In particular, Meigetsuin Shrine, Hasedera Temple and Jojuin Shrine are called the three great Kamakura hydrangea viewing spots, famous for their blankets of hydrangeas.

Hydrangeas can be seen everywhere in the city of Kamakura. This is the perfect time to visit Kamakura for sightseeing!

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