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Five architectural beauties of Satoyama Hotel Kanene Tamba

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Satoyama Hotel Kaneno Tamba opened on April 15, 2023. We would like to introduce the architectural beauty of this hotel, which is located in the beautiful village of Tanba, Hyogo Prefecture, where the original Japanese scenery remains.

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Beautiful Japanese architecture nestled in a beautiful rural landscape

Satoyama Hotel Kanene Tamba is located in Kamiogura, Kaibara-cho, Tanba City, Hyogo Prefecture. This is a beautiful village where you can enjoy spectacular views of cherry blossoms in the spring and autumn leaves in the fall. Many people visit this village every year to be healed by this scenery.

Satoyama Hotel Kaneone Tamba, located in this beautiful village, has been reborn as an auberge over 100 years.

This is a hotel where you can enjoy the beauty of Japanese architecture, preserving the traditional charm while incorporating elements of modern architecture.


At Satoyama Hotel Kanene Tamba, the largest room is the ``annex.'' A typical Japanese house with a verandah and a Japanese garden is decorated with craftsmanship throughout. The view of spring cherry blossoms and autumn leaves from your room is spectacular.


The storehouse, which was once used as a food storage facility, has been renovated and turned into guest rooms. While retaining the atmosphere of an old-fashioned Japanese warehouse, we added the comfort of a guest room. You can have the valuable experience of staying in a Japanese warehouse.

★Main house

The main building, which was built over 110 years ago, has served as a place for family gatherings and a place to entertain guests. Even after Satoyama Hotel Kanene Tamba opened, its role has not changed and it continues to welcome many customers as a French restaurant. You can fully enjoy the atmosphere, such as the slightly low entrance, the ceiling that allows you to see the thatched roof, and the European antique furniture that blends perfectly with the Japanese architecture.


Akane is a newly built cottage facing a lawn open space. The open, atrium building offers a glimpse of the fusion of old and new, with antique furniture and traditional wood-burning stoves incorporated into the new architectural style. The second floor is a modern Japanese loft, which is also popular with children. In addition, you can stay with your dog as a dog-friendly room.


This room allows you to enjoy the peaceful countryside scenery and the scenery of rows of cherry blossom trees in spring. The first floor of the room has an open atrium and is a modern Japanese style room with Ryukyu tatami mats, and the second floor is a bedroom with two semi-double beds. Both rooms are dog friendly.

How was it? Please enjoy your stay at the hotel by actually seeing and touching the architectural beauty of the five buildings introduced here.

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Tamba region, Hyogo Prefecture. An area where Japan's original landscape, ``satoyama'', remains. A hotel has opened in Tamba where you can enjoy your trip to Japan. Spectacular cherry blossom trees, bright red autumn leaves, idyllic farm scenery, traditional Japanese architecture, beautiful gardens, French cuisine made with locally sourced ingredients, and warm hospitality. You can enjoy everything at this hotel. For the first three days, enjoy a harvest experience at the hotel's farm, read a book in the lounge while listening to music, or head out into the city of Tamba. One of the best parts of traveling is interacting with the locals. From the fourth day onwards, it would be a good idea to stretch your legs a bit and go to Kyoto, Osaka, and Kobe. Travel while living in Tamba. I highly recommend such a trip. Tamba is still unknown to foreigners. A place you'll want to brag about to someone. Our professional staff will help you plan your new trip to Japan.

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