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Osaka Habikino Tourism Bureau
Why not go on a journey to discover the unknown charms of Habikino, a town of wine, meat, and World Heritage Sites?

About 45 minutes by train from central Osaka. Habikino City is located in the southeastern part of Osaka Prefecture, and is a city blessed with rich nature and historical sites in the Kawachi Plain. There are many ancient tombs of various sizes scattered around, including the Emperor Ojin's Tomb, one of the largest in Japan, which is registered as a World Heritage Site, and it is a power spot that is an important part of people's lives. It is also famous as a fruit producing region, and wine made from grapes grown in this area is one of Osaka's representative specialties. In addition, Habikino is one of the most famous yakiniku meccas in the Kansai region, with a history of about 140 years in the meat industry. "I want to drink delicious wine while seeing a World Heritage Site..." "I want to eat delicious meat in a land rich in nature..." If that sounds like you, be sure to visit Habikino.

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