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Vacation House Familia
45 minutes from Tokyo ✈︎ Tokyo's island [Kozushima] The concept of FamiliA (B&B), is ``Socializing B&B.'' The sea, stars, and coffee. You're sure to have a lively conversation with someone different than usual. Guests and staff can see each other's faces during their travels, so you can feel at ease. We value a sense of comfort that is not found in large hotels.

FamiliA, LLC operates ``Vacation House Familia'' on Kozushima, and engages in activities that go beyond the realm of lodging in order to convey the charm of the region and preserve its culture. In January 2024, the Kozushima tourism app [Marutto! Kozushima] released! The app provides a completely new sightseeing experience with two functions: ``Kozushima Sugoroku game (Snake and Ladders)'', which allows you to learn more about the island before a travel, and ``Dramatic Audio Guide'', which can only be experienced by those who have visited the site. Of course, this app is available in English. We aim to let customers not only from Japan but also from overseas know the true beauty of Kozushima and create opportunities for them to become friends with the island's people.

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