Where is Kozushima, a remote island off Tokyo? A thorough comparison of how to get there and recommended routes!

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There are various ways to get to Kozushima from Tokyo, including by Large passenger ship, high speed jet ferry, and airplane. We will introduce the travel time, cost, advantages, and points to note for each option. Find the transportation that suits your travel style!

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Where is Kozushima?

Kozushima is one of the Izu Islands, an isolated island off Tokyo. It is only 45 minutes by plane from Tokyo and is one of the best beaches in Japan with good water quality. Maehama Beach is also one of the 100 famous mountains for flowers. It has a beautiful night sky and is certified as a "starry sky protection area" that is also called a world heritage site. There are many attractive spots on the island, such as hot springs and fresh fish, rich nature and unique history and culture that you would never think are in the same Tokyo area.

How to get there from Tokyo by boat (Large passenger ship or high speed jet ferry )

Takeshiba Pier, a port that provides access to Tokyo's islands, is located 8 minutes on foot from Hamamatsucho Station, which is two stations away from Tokyo Station and can also be accessed by monorail from Haneda Airport. There is a Large passenger ship called "Sarubia Maru" that leaves Tokyo at night and arrives at Kozushima the next morning, and a high speed jet ferry that leaves Tokyo in the morning. (*Depending on the season, only one of the ships may be in service.)

[Large passenger ship: Approx. 10 hours (Tokyo-Yokohama)]

The large ship Salvia Maru departs from Takeshiba Pier in Tokyo at night.
The Large passenger ship Salvia Maru departs from Takeshiba Pier in Tokyo at night.

If you want to enjoy the feeling of traveling on a boat trip, we recommend a Large passenger ship! You will be excited by the boat trip that takes you to a place out of the ordinary while enjoying the night view! It is strong against waves and wind and has a high operating rate! The inside of the ship is sparkling clean, and there is a restaurant, vending machines, and a power outlet at the bedside, so you can rest assured. You can choose from classes of accommodation from second class to special class. The price varies depending on the season, but it is about 7,500 yen for a second class Japanese-style room. For families with children, we recommend special first class seats (private rooms for four people), and for adults, special second class seats.

The special second class seats are bunk beds. They are separated by curtains so you can have privacy just like in a capsule hotel. <br>
The special second class seats are bunk beds separated by curtains, so you can have privacy just like in a capsule hotel.

[high speed jet ferry: Approximately 3.5 hours (Tokyo) Approximately 2 hours (Atami)]

*Routes from Atami vary depending on the season, such as peak season.

A high-speed high speed jet ferry will take you there in just three and a half hours. There is relatively little rocking, so you'll arrive in no time. Prices vary depending on the season, but from Tokyo to Kozushima it's about 12,000 yen and up, and from Atami to Kozushima it's about 7,500 yen and up. Atami ⇄ Kozushima is about two hours, so even if you travel from within Tokyo on the day of departure, the total travel time and cost will not change much. Also, it tends to be easier to make reservations for trips departing and arriving at Atami, especially during peak seasons.
*Flights from Atami to Kozushima are only available during the high season, and it is possible to transfer on the same day at Oshima. Flight times and routes vary depending on the season.

*For Tokai Kisen reservations, please check here ( https://www.tokaikisen.co.jp/).
*If you wish to make a last minute reservation or if online reservations are fully booked, we recommend that you contact us by phone.
Customer Service Center (Hours: 9:30-18:00) 03-5472- 9999 or 0570-005710
For more information, please contact the Tokai Kisen publicity department.
E-MAIL: info-tkk@tokaikisen.co.jp

How to get there by plane from Tokyo (Chofu)

Please note that the only flight to Kozushima is from Chofu Airport in Tokyo. There are no flights to or from Haneda or Narita Airports.

Domestic flights from Chofu Airport to Kozushima Airport are available with New Central Airlines. The 19-seater propeller plane operates three flights per day on average, depending on the season.
The cost of an air ticket is around 18,000 yen. You can carry up to 5kg of baggage for free, but there is an excess charge of 350 yen for every 1kg over that. If you are traveling from overseas, it may be a good idea to send large suitcases to your next destination.

The flight takes just 45 minutes. If the weather is good, you can fly over Mount Fuji, Enoshima, and the Izu Islands along the way, so you can enjoy the scenery as you go.
*For flight reservations, please check here (https://www.central-air.co.jp/).

How to get there by boat from Shimoda (car ferry)

If you are also planning to visit the Izu Peninsula, there are boats that depart from Shimoda. You can take your car on the boat from Shimoda. This is a recommended route for those who want to travel to Kozushima by car. However, there are days when you cannot take your car on the boat due to the tides, so you must call in advance to make a reservation. The time required varies depending on the day of the week, but the direct route takes about 2 hours.

*For more information about Shinshin Kisen, please check here (https://shinshin-kisen.jp/).
Reservations can be made from the same day two months prior to the boarding date. Reservations cannot be made online, only by phone.
Shinshin Kisen Shimoda Office Tel: 0558-22-2626
Tokai Kisen Customer Center Tel: 9999


Q. Are there any cancellations of ships or planes? A. Of course there are. Because it is a land rich in nature, the impact on transportation is great, and it depends on various weather conditions such as not only sunshine and rain but also the height of waves and swells, the strength and direction of wind, and fog. It is safer to give yourself as much time as possible in your itinerary.

Q. When can I make a reservation? A. Cruises can be booked two months before the departure date, and flights can be booked one month before the departure date. During the high season (summer vacation) and Golden Week (a consecutive holiday in Japan from the end of April to the beginning of May), tickets may sell out immediately after reservations open. Make sure to book your cruise as soon as your travel plans are decided.

Q. Can I easily reserve a ship online? A. To make a reservation directly online or check availability, you need to register as a member in Japanese. For online reservations in English, you need to make a reservation request at least three business days in advance, and they cannot be confirmed immediately. If you want to confirm your reservation immediately within two weeks of the departure date, or if you want to island hop via other islands, you need to call Tokai Kisen directly, so please be careful. Advance reservations are required during the high season, but outside of the high season, you can also make a reservation by going directly to the counter. Even if the ship is fully booked online, you can often secure a seat by calling. It's worth calling without giving up. If you don't know how to make a reservation or about the ship, just call the Tokai Kisen Customer Center. According to Tokai Kisen, they can also speak English over the phone.

Customer Service Center (Hours: 9:30-18:00) +81-3-5472- 9999
E-MAIL: info-tkk@tokaikisen.co.jp
Please note that boats from Shimoda can only be booked by phone.

Q. Where can I check the ferry operation status? A. In Japanese, you can check on the internet site "Operation Status ". You cannot check on the English site, so you will need to translate the Japanese site using your browser, or call the customer center. The final decision on whether to operate or cancel a ferry is made at 17:00 on the day of departure for Large passenger ship departing from Tokyo, and at 6:00 for high speed jet ferry. It is a good idea to check before heading to Takeshiba Pier. * high speed jet ferry operation/cancellation hotline: 03-3433-2101 (6:00~8:00)

Q. What does conditional service mean for ships and planes? A. Conditional service means that although a ship departs for its destination, it may be unable to continue sailing and may have to turn back due to sea or weather conditions at the destination.

Q.Do all the Large passenger ship, high speed jet ferry, and Shimoda Ferry operate every day? ANo, it depends on the ship's schedule. Shimoda Ferry is closed on Wednesdays. The operating routes vary depending on the day of the week. The operating schedules and routes of Large passenger ship and high speed jet ferry vary depending on the season and day of the week, so be sure to check the operating schedule.

Transportation around the island

Cycling along the seaside is very refreshing! <br>
Cycling along the coast is so refreshing!

There are mainly the following types of transportation on the island. The island has many slopes and operation schedules change depending on the season, so it is a good idea to check the transportation methods before coming to the island.

・Village bus ・Walking ・Rental car ・Rental bicycle ・Rental motorbike ・Taxi

There are two ports where the boat arrives, and the decision on the morning of the day is whether to arrive at Kozushima Port (Maehama) or Tako Bay (Miura Port). Tako Bay and the airport are an hour's walk from the village. If your accommodation has a shuttle service, it's a good idea to ask for a pick-up in advance.

Rental cars and taxis are limited in number so reservations are required in advance. Bicycle and motorbike rentals are available on a first-come, first-served basis on the day.

The village bus covers the main tourist spots such as trailheads, beaches, and hot springs, but please note that there are very few buses outside of the high season.

Also, please note that credit cards cannot be used for any of these means of transportation, so be sure to bring plenty of cash.

Vacation House FamiliA , an inn on Kozushima , offers port/airport transfers, hot spring transfers, and electric assist bicycle rentals. It is popular with families with small children and solo travelers who want to move around freely.

Find the transportation that suits your travel style!

As mentioned above, the best way to get to Kozushima from Tokyo, Atami, and Kozushima is by boat or plane.

We recommend taking a Large passenger ship to Kozushima and a high speed jet ferry or plane back to Tokyo, as this will give you a different experience from the norm and allow you to spend more time on Kozushima!

Find a mode of transportation that suits your itinerary, budget, and travel style, and enjoy.

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FamiliA, LLC operates ``Vacation House Familia'' on Kozushima, and engages in activities that go beyond the realm of lodging in order to convey the charm of the region and preserve its culture. In January 2024, the Kozushima tourism app [Marutto! Kozushima] released! The app provides a completely new sightseeing experience with two functions: ``Kozushima Sugoroku game (Snake and Ladders)'', which allows you to learn more about the island before a travel, and ``Dramatic Audio Guide'', which can only be experienced by those who have visited the site. Of course, this app is available in English. We aim to let customers not only from Japan but also from overseas know the true beauty of Kozushima and create opportunities for them to become friends with the island's people.

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