Experience a unique stay at Vacation House FamiliA, a B&B on Kozushima , an island in Tokyo.

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3 minutes walk to Maehama Beach! Vacation House FamiliA , an inn on Kozushima , an island in Tokyo, is a B&B-style accommodation with the concept of ` `Socializing Stay.'' While eating breakfast, drinking carefully selected coffee or wine, and gazing at the starry sky on the terrace...the shared imp...

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The luxury of spending time with nature on an island a little far from Tokyo

Cross the ocean about 180km south of Tokyo and you will find yourself in another world.

Kozushima is an island rich in nature and has been certified as a starry sky reserve. The shining stars and moon, the crystal clear sea, the bright red sunset over the sea, the blessings of the mountains and spring water...

Enjoy the "luxury" of spending a leisurely time on a Tokyo island where you can feel the daily changes and live in harmony with nature.

Kozushima accommodation “Vacation House FamiliA” official website

The concept is "Socializing Stay"

I believe that one night is definitely not enough to fully experience the rich nature of Kozushima and refresh your mind and body. After you've traveled 12 hours by boat, I don't want you to get tired from rushing around to see the tourist spots. We want you to enjoy activities such as mountain climbing and stargazing at the best timing according to the workings of nature. I want you to enjoy your entire time on Kozushima, including the time you stay at Familia. And above all, we also want to take time to talk to our guests...! This concept was born from such strong feelings.

``I could see Mt. Fuji from the top of Mt. Tenjo!'' ``Today's sunset was so beautiful!'' ``I saw the Milky Way for the first time!!'' As they shared their impressions, the conversation blossomed and people gathered together. Everyone became friends before you knew it. Not only do our guests can chat and have fun with each other, but we as staffs also want to chat with you. So please feel free to stop by our cafe.

*Example of cafe/breakfast menu Contents may vary depending on the season.<br>
*Example of cafe/breakfast menu Contents may vary depending on the season.

Breakfast is included in all plans. Homemade bread and freshly brewed coffee are mainly available at the cafe bar on the first floor. ``Where should we go today?'' ``How was hiking yesterday?'' Guests will have fun sharing their experiences with each other, and we also advise on timing for sunsets and starry skies while checking the weather forecast. 

While the spacious cafe bar on the first floor is the center of the common space, all the rooms on the second floor are private rooms, so whether you are a family or alone, you can have a restful night's sleep. While eating breakfast, having a cup of coffee in hand, or having a glass of wine before going to bed, you can relax and chat whenever and however you like...We value this cozy space that is not found in resort hotels. 

Space trip with Familia Planet!

A sky full of stars shines just 3 steps from your room, 0 minutes walk!
From the terrace, you can gaze out at the night sky, where the stars sparkle like jewels, making you say, "Wow!"

On Familia's terrace, named "Starry Sky CHILL Terrace," various starry sky experiences "Familia Planet" will be held depending on the season and the moon phase.

On a starry night, enjoy the best chill time by swaying in a hammock chair. The sound of waves further enhances the relaxing effect.

On nights when the moon is shining, use binoculars or an astronomical telescope to observe the moon and planets. The moon is so bright! You'll probably be surprised. If you live in a city with bright neon lights, it's hard to notice.

You can also take pictures of the moon with your smartphone using a telescope.<br>
You can also take pictures of the moon with your smartphone using a telescope.

Autumn is recommended for planetary observation! You can clearly observe Saturn's rings. This was a great experience for everyone, regardless of generation or nationality!

On summer nights, children on summer vacation can count shooting stars together under the flashy Milky Way! From around June, the thick part of the Milky Way becomes easier to observe.

If you want to look great in photos, summer to autumn is recommended. In winter and early spring, when the nights are still cold, check out the clouds and go to the terrace. When it gets cold, how about some hot chocolate at a cafe? As we talked, looking up at the night sky while experiencing the cold weather will surely remain in your memories!

Feel like traveling around the world with rooms with different themes♪ 4 room types to choose from

The interior of the guest rooms has been designed by the owner, combining the spectacular views found around the world with the spectacular views of Kozushima, and each room has a different theme.

Popular with couples, Ocean view room

The theme of the ocean view room is


The theme of the ocean view room is "Bali✖️Relaxing island time"

If you want to spend a special day with your loved ones, such as a birthday or anniversary, we recommend an ocean view room.

The beds are ``Japanese beds,'' which are also used in famous resort hotels.I can't get enough of the fluffy comfort...

When you wake up in the morning, you can enjoy the blue ocean that fills your window all to yourself.
You can also watch the sun set on the horizon from your room.

For a relaxing trip with friends ♪ Twin/double room

The theme of this room is “Nordic ✖️ Beautiful mountains”<br>
The theme of this room is “Nordic ✖️ Beautiful mountains”

A room with two single beds can be used as a twin room by separating the beds, or a larger double by placing them side by side.
Perfect for traveling with friends.

Bunk beds are also very popular with children! Family room

The theme of this room is “American West Coast ✖️ Seaside Town”<br>
The theme of this room is “American West Coast ✖️ Seaside Town”

The family room, which has a single-sized bunk bed and one semi-double bed, is very popular with children during summer vacation.
Recommended for families of about 4 people, including children of elementary school age.

*This room has 3 sets of beds and bedding. Please note that there are no extra beds available.
*For families of 5 or more, we recommend reserving an additional room (total of 2 rooms).

Single room for a relaxing solo trip

The theme of this room is “Cuba✖️White sand beach”<br>
The theme of this room is “Cuba✖️White sand beach”

The beds in the single rooms are semi-double sized so you can have a relaxing night's sleep.
Recommended for both leisurely solo trips and work days!

*Excluding high season.

Familia's original service

Guide to the island at check-in is like a concierge

After being picked up from the port/airport, you will be introduced to the entire island while enjoying a welcome drink in the Familia's cafe-bar area. We'll spread out the map and check the island's restaurants, transportation options, and weather forecasts to suggest a plan that suits your stay style. It's okay if you come without a plan! Please feel free to contact us.

Other original services

Free transportation from/to the port/airport upon arrival and departure!
If you let us know your arrival time by the day before, we will come to pick you up according to your arrival. We will also drop you off when you depart. We will also store your luggage for free before check-in and after check-out.

Free transportation to the hot spring recreation center twice in the evening!
We drive a shuttle during times when there are no public buses. Please make a reservation on the day of use.

The in-house bath can be reserved for private use.
The bath is shared, but by making a reservation in advance it can be reserved for private use as a family bath. In addition, we will do as much simple cleaning as possible before and after use, so those who are concerned about sharing bathroom area should feel comfortable.

Electrically assisted bicycle rental is available 24 hours a day.
For those who want to travel freely to areas where there are no bus lines, you can rent electric assist bicycles that can powerfully assist you on hills. Please ask for the price and availability upon arrival. Cycling by the seaside is also pleasant!

We are FamiliA!

Kentaro Tanaka : Born in Osaka. DIY is my thing! Ken's special takoyaki is also a very popular menu from our bar. Children are welcome. When people say owner who likes to talk, that means me.

Ayano Tanaka : Born in Nagoya. I worked as a flight attendant for   10 years and have traveled to about 40 countries around the world! I can support your trip in English as well. I look forward to talking about your travels!

The concept of ``Socializing Stay'' has been successful, and with the people we met through Familia, Starry Sky of Kozushima has been screened at the Konica Minolta Planetarium, and the Kozushima tourism app "Marutto Kozushima"  We are working on a variety of projects that go beyond the realm of accomodation.

We are looking forward to seeing you on Kozushima! !

Click here to make a reservation → https://www.familia-family.club
*Reservations must be made for 2 nights or more
*Groups other than family members are limited to 4 people *Please check and understand the concept before proceeding with your reservation.

Reserve from the official website of “Vacation House FamiliA”

Access to Kozushima“Vacation House FamiliA”

Tokyo > Kozushima

high speed jet ferry: 3 and a half hours from Takeshiba Pier,Tokyo
Large passenger ship: 12 hours from Takeshiba Pier,Tokyo
Propeller plane: 40 minutes from Chofu Airport

Kozushima > Familia

Walk: 8 minutes from Maehama Port (Kozushima Port)
        : 65 minutes from Tako Bay (Miura Port)
        : 60 minutes from the airport

Transportation to and from the port/airport is free. Please contact us by the day before.
*Whether the ship will arrive at Maehama or Tako Bay will be decided on the morning of the day.

For more information on how to get to Kozushima from Tokyo, please see this article.

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FamiliA, LLC operates ``Vacation House Familia'' on Kozushima, and engages in activities that go beyond the realm of lodging in order to convey the charm of the region and preserve its culture. In January 2024, the Kozushima tourism app [Marutto! Kozushima] released! The app provides a completely new sightseeing experience with two functions: ``Kozushima Sugoroku game (Snake and Ladders)'', which allows you to learn more about the island before a travel, and ``Dramatic Audio Guide'', which can only be experienced by those who have visited the site. Of course, this app is available in English. We aim to let customers not only from Japan but also from overseas know the true beauty of Kozushima and create opportunities for them to become friends with the island's people.

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