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Higashikagawa City Hall
Higashikagawa City, the town of boogie-woogie

Higashikagawa City is located in the eastern end of Kagawa Prefecture. The area faces the Seto Inland Sea to the north and the Sanuki Mountains to the south. The Seto Inland Sea is characterized by a warm and mild climate with relatively many sunny days and little rainfall. Local industries include the production of wasanbon sugar and the production of gloves with the largest market share in Japan, as well as being the birthplace of young yellowtail farming, which has inherited a variety of traditional cultures. In addition, there are activities such as "Shirotori Zoo" where rabbits, guinea pigs, cats and even dogs live together in harmony, "Experience Learning Hall Marelicco" where you can learn the history of yellowtail farming, and "Toramaru Puppet Land", the only puppet theater theme park in Japan. Facilities are also substantial.

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