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Kobe cheese toast
Kobe's new local gourmet "Kobe Cheese Toast", the town of bread, cheese and alcohol

Using bread, which has a deep connection with Kobe, we worked together with the cooperation of not only local people but also local businesses to create ``local toast'' that can be eaten on any occasion, such as breakfast, lunch, or snacks. After spending months examining ``unique combinations with cheese toast,'' three ingredients were selected as final candidates: ``black beans,'' ``Ikanago,'' and ``Sake lees.'' We held a general election that gathered the voices of the people of Kobe for about 20 days, and out of three toasts, the one that was chosen was "Sake Kasu Cheese Toast"! Some said, ``It's an unexpected collaboration, but it's delicious,'' ``Once I tried it, I was hooked,'' and ``I think I can make it at home.'' We will develop "Sake Lees Cheese Toast" using sake lees and cheese as Kobe Cheese Toast so that it can be eaten at restaurants and coffee shops in Kobe.

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