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Held from April 18th to 20th! Kobe Cheese Toast @Hakata Hankyu, Fukuoka!

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A new Kobe local gourmet dish served at about 10 coffee shops in Kobe has arrived in Fukuoka for the first time! Kobe Selection will be held at the 8th floor event hall of Hakata Hankyu (inside JR Hakata City) from April 18th (Thurs) to 23rd (Tues), and "Kobe Cheese Toast," a "new Kobe local gourme...

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Kobe Cheese Toast has arrived in Fukuoka for the first time! "Kobe Selection" @Hakata Hankyu

Kobe Selection will be held from April 18th (Thurs) to 23rd (Tues) at the 8th floor event hall of Hakata Hankyu (inside JR Hakata City), and Kobe Cheese Toast, a new local Kobe gourmet dish that is sold at over 10 coffee shops in Kobe and is also popular at events in the city, will be available at a stall (※Kobe Cheese Toast will only be sold for three days from April 18th (Thurs) to 20th (Sat). This will be the first time Kobe Cheese Toast will be sold outside of the prefecture. Don't miss this opportunity!

The concept is "A Kobe café experience in Fukuoka!"
We hope you enjoy Kobe Cheese Toast, a beloved Kobe staple, not only in Kobe but also in Hakata!
We want to spread Kobe's food culture throughout Japan and even the world!
With this in mind, we decided to open a store at Hakata Hankyu!

During the opening period, we will be selling two types of Kobe cheese toast, "Plain (Raisin & Whipped)" and "Lemon", as well as specialty coffee from "Kissa Ogawa (Bold Coffee)" and Japanese sake coffee made with sake from Nada, Kobe! Please come and try the cafe gourmet that is loved by local Kobe residents☆

Mobile cafe "Cafe Ogawa"

With the motto of "delivering the coffee shop space itself," they operate as a "mobile coffee shop" by setting up cafes at city and store events, utilizing store holidays and free time, and providing mobile coffee shops in people's homes.

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First of all, what exactly is "Kobe Cheese Toast"?

This toast is made with cheese and sake lees and was born in Kobe, the city of bread, cheese, and sake. This unexpected combination creates a sweet and salty yet refined taste that has been very well received! We aim to create a local toast that is loved by both Kobe locals and tourists!

In Kobe, the latest gourmet hit is Kobe cheese toast, an original dish made by coffee shops that is now appearing one after another!

Currently, Kobe Cheese Toast is served at 11 coffee shops in Kobe City. You can enjoy Kobe Cheese Toast with its own unique flavor, made with homemade bread or topped with red bean paste, maple syrup, or fruit!

Rich and juicy!! Kobe residents highly praise it as a "new sensation of rum raisin"!!

Please take this opportunity to try some local Kobe food!

Event details

●Dates and times: Thursday, April 18th to Saturday, April 20th, 2024, 10:00-20:00 (The event will be held until April 23rd. Kobe cheese toast will be available until the 20th)
● Location: Hakata Hankyu 8th floor event hall (inside JR Hakata City)

Menu Kobe cheese toast plain: 500 yen, (half size) Kobe cheese toast plain: 300 yen Kobe cheese toast lemon: 600 yen, (half size) Kobe cheese toast lemon: 350 yen, Sake coffee hot/iced: 700 yen, Specialty coffee hot/iced: 550 yen, Blended coffee hot/iced: 350 yen *Prices include tax

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Using bread, which has a deep connection with Kobe, we worked together with the cooperation of not only local people but also local businesses to create ``local toast'' that can be eaten on any occasion, such as breakfast, lunch, or snacks. After spending months examining ``unique combinations with cheese toast,'' three ingredients were selected as final candidates: ``black beans,'' ``Ikanago,'' and ``Sake lees.'' We held a general election that gathered the voices of the people of Kobe for about 20 days, and out of three toasts, the one that was chosen was "Sake Kasu Cheese Toast"! Some said, ``It's an unexpected collaboration, but it's delicious,'' ``Once I tried it, I was hooked,'' and ``I think I can make it at home.'' We will develop "Sake Lees Cheese Toast" using sake lees and cheese as Kobe Cheese Toast so that it can be eaten at restaurants and coffee shops in Kobe.

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