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"Charichari" Nagoya
Nagoya's red shared cycle

""Charichari"" is a bicycle sharing service that can be easily used by unlocking a dedicated red bicycle using a smartphone app. Basic bicycles can be used for 6 yen per minute, and electrically assisted bicycles can be used for 15 yen per minute, and we aim to provide an experience that you can use anytime and anywhere you want. The service began in Fukuoka in February 2018, and has grown to date with approximately 3,000 bicycles and over 630 bicycle parking ports, and has been used over 16 million times. In addition, from 2020, we will roll out the service in Nagoya City and the Tokyo area, and will begin rolling out in Kumamoto City from April 2022. Due to minute-by-minute pricing and easy-to-use app specifications, our service is mainly used for short daily trips in various areas.

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