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Zao Daigongen

Japan, Zao Onsen, Yamagata City, Yamagata Prefecture 990-2301

Zao Daigongen was built in 2002 in front of Zao Sky Cable Chuo Kogen Station as a place of worship for Zao Daigongen, located in Takarasawa (Zao Exit), Yamagata City. (The statue was opened in 1972.) Zao Daigongen's dynamism and bravery, along with his three-eyed angry hair, are a symbol of surrendering any devil and bringing peace, and are also admired as a reliable god of water in agriculture and other industries. We are respected.

Business Time
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Telephone number 023-694-9410
  • About 8 minutes by Zao Sky Cable from Uenodai Station
Language 日本語
Other Business days: No holidays
Last Update : 2023.01.20   Yamagata City

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