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Yamagata City
"Look, experience, learn, eat and relax. Knowing about Yamagata will make you want to talk about it."

Yamagata City is the prefectural capital of Yamagata Prefecture. Surrounded by mountains, the city offers beautiful scenery throughout the four seasons. Famous sightseeing spots include "Zao", which is popular for its frost-covered trees and hot springs, and "Yamadera", a place related to Basho Matsuo. In terms of food culture, dishes that make use of Yamagata's abundant ingredients, such as ``Yamagata imoni'', ``cold ramen'', ``dashi'' and ``ball konjac'', have been passed down. Yamagata City has many images of such nature and history, but in fact, there are plenty of cafes and restaurants, and there are many places where you can relax. On this page, we will post recommended spots and articles to introduce the attractions of Yamagata City, such as popular spots, hidden attractions, and delicious restaurants, in more detail and in an easy-to-understand manner! (Images and videos on this page: Provided by Public Relations Division, General Affairs Department, Yamagata City)

Yamagata City Articles