Easily Access the City: Local Community Cycle “Rakunoru” in Yamagata

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I can't use a car, but I want to move around Yamagata City and its surroundings more easily and freely. Yamagata MaaS "Rakunoru" and Yamagata City Community Cycle (Share Cycle) are useful in such cases. This time, I will show you how to use these two services.


Yamagata MaaS “Rakunoru”

“MaaS is a mechanism that allows you to search, reserve, and pay for transportation to your destination all at once with a smartphone. ] * Quoted from Yamagata MaaS official website ( https://yamagata-maas.pass.ryde-go.com/ )

With Yamagata MaaS "Rakunoru", you can purchase digital tickets from the ticket purchase app on your smartphone and present the screen to the crew for smart use. In addition, some transport tickets come with special offers that can be used at certain outlets.

How to Use

① Download the app "RYDE PASS" and register as a member

② Purchase products from Yamagata MaaS “Rakunoru”

③ Select "Start using" from My Ticket on the day of use

④ When boarding or getting off the bus*, press the "Show ticket" button and present the screen to the driver. *Presentation conditions differ depending on the ticket.

・You can check the bus timetable on the website.

・How to use RYDE PASS ( https://rydeinc.notion.site/RYDE-PASS-bb1a9644ba364a77899360624bb9923d )

Available payment methods

・Apple Pay

・Google Pay

・Credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Diners Club, Discover)

*Please note that JCB, DinersClub, and Discover cannot be used with ApplePay and GooglePay.

About the product

[Yamagata 1-day ticket]

A one-day ticket that allows unlimited rides on the Yamako Bus within specific areas, such as Tendo City, Sagae City, Kaminoyama City, Nakayama Town, and Yamanobe Town, centering on Yamagata City.

[Red Pass holiday (holidays and holidays only)]

This is a one-day ticket that allows unlimited rides within specific areas, mainly in Yamagata City, such as the Prefectural Office North Exit, Sagae City, Naneicho 3-chome, Yamagata TV-mae, and Numa-no-be.

[Red Pass weekday (weekdays only)]

This is a one-day ticket that allows unlimited rides within specific areas, mainly in Yamagata City, such as the Prefectural Office North Exit, Sagae City, Naneicho 3-chome, Yamagata TV-mae, and Numa-no-be.

Quoted from Yamagata MaaS official website ( https://yamagata-maas.pass.ryde-go.com )

Frequently Asked Questions ( https://rydeinc.notion.site/RYDE-PASS-dae7bb686d834d8aa805327da81b5ff6#befe545af35f49c9bd1eb9055f4d51f9 )

Yamagata City Community Cycle (Share Cycle)

It is a system that allows you to use an electrically assisted bicycle from a cycle port installed in various places in the city with a simple procedure using a smartphone etc. It is a bicycle rental service (charged) that allows you to freely rent and return bicycles from cycle ports for 24 hours (with some exceptions).

・About Yamagata City Community Cycle ( https://www.city.yamagata-yamagata.lg.jp/kurashi/kotsu/1006592/communitycycle.html )

*You can check the cycle port from the above URL. Automatic translation is possible from the linked "MENU".

・Yamagata City Community Cycle Website ( https://interstreet.jp/yamagata/ )

Available payment methods

・Carrier billing (docomo, SoftBank)

・Credit card (JCB, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club)


・Transportation IC card

【important point】

・Cash and transportation IC card payments must be processed and paid at the "cash adjustment machine" before boarding.

・Cash payment machines are located near the cycle port in front of the Yamagata Station East Exit Transportation Center.


carrier payment, credit card

[Pay-as-you-go rate] Every 15 minutes: 50 yen 24-hour limit: 1,600 yen

[Fixed rate] 1 day: 1,000 yen

Cash, transportation IC card

[Use ticket] 1 hour: 200 yen (1 time ticket price) 2 hours: 400 yen (1 time ticket price)

[1-day ticket] 1,000 yen

Advance preparation for use

① Install the dedicated smartphone app “ecobike”

② Enter your account information (email address, mobile phone number, etc.)

③ When "Temporary registration completed" is displayed, an email will be sent to the registered email address.

④ Touch the URL in the email text to register additional information

How to Use

① Borrow

Tap [Borrow] at the cycle port to launch the camera and read the QR code attached to the bicycle key, and the key will be unlocked automatically.

*Turn on Bluetooth® and location information when using the app.

* If you select the "One day flat rate plan", please subscribe to the plan from the app in advance.

*You can only ride one bicycle per smartphone.

② Return

Park your bicycle at the cycle port and lock your bicycle. After that, tap [Return] on the app, and if [Return was successful] is displayed, the return is complete.

! If you touch the "Return" button on the app and do not complete the return, it will be treated as temporary parking and the usage time will continue.

*Bicycles can be returned at any cycle port on the back map.

*There is a limit to the number of bicycles that can be returned to each cycle port, so please check the bicycle parking status in advance from the app's "port details".

③ Park the bicycle temporarily

Close the lock when suspending temporarily, and tap [Unlock] when resuming use to unlock the key.

Usage procedures ① and ② are quoted from the Yamagata City Community Cycle PDF (link above)

Contact for inquiries and troubles (7:00-21:00)

Inquiries/Call Center (Eco Bike Customer Support)


* Please contact us from the notification function of the application outside the reception hours.


This time, we introduced the above services as one of the ways to access sightseeing spots around Yamagata City. Why don't you use it when you go sightseeing in Yamagata City? *The information in this article is as of July 2023.

Images in this article provided by: Yamagata City Public Transportation Division

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