Introducing Yamagata's special product "cherries"

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Cherries are sometimes likened to jewels. In early summer, fresh cherries begin to line up in stores. In Yamagata Prefecture, cherries were established as the prefectural tree in 1982, and have been popular as a symbol of the prefecture. This time, I would like to introduce Yamagata's special produc...


Cherries in Yamagata Prefecture

Yamagata Prefecture is famous as Japan's number one cherry production area, accounting for about 70% of nationwide production. It is cultivated mainly in Higashine City, Tendo City, and Sagae City. The season in Yamagata Prefecture is from May to mid-July, and you can enjoy various varieties.

See here for Yamagata Prefecture cherries.

Varieties of cherries grown in Yamagata Prefecture

・Sato Nishiki : The size is around 7g, and the color is yellow with bright red. It has a good balance of sweetness and sourness, and the flesh is milky white and very good.

・Benishuho : The size is large at around 10g, and the flesh is hard and keeps for a long time. It has a good appearance and is colored bright red. It has a strong sweetness and a good taste, and it is a variety that is easy to grow a lot of fruit.

・Beni Sayaka : The size is 5 to 7 g, which is one of the larger varieties that bear fruit earlier than usual. The color of the fruit is reddish-red, but it turns purple-black as it matures. Compared to "Sato Nishiki", it has more acidity, but it is of good quality as an early maturing variety.

・Beni Temari : Harvested very late, from mid-July onwards. The size of the fruit is 10g or more, which is extremely large, the sugar content is 20% or more, and the flesh is hard and long lasting.

・Beni-Kirari : This is a self-compatible cultivar that is extremely rare among cherries, and bears fruit using only its own pollen. The fruit is large, weighing 8 to 9 g, and has a good color and appearance.

・Beniyutaka : An early-maturing variety that can be harvested in mid-June, a few days earlier than Satonishiki, and bears fruit easily. The size of the fruit is about 6 to 9 g, and it is a large variety that bears fruit earlier than usual.

・Nanyo : The fruit is about 8 to 10g, and the flesh is dense and sweet.

*Refer to Yamagata Prefecture official website (Introduction of cherry varieties)

Let's go cherry picking in Yamagata City!

*Introduces the cherry orchards introduced in the pamphlet created by the Yamagata City Green Tourism Promotion Council, which have given consent to be published.

"Kisaburo Cherry Garden"

Recommendations : Feel free to wander around the large park and look for your favorites.

Cherry varieties : Beni Sayaka, Sato Nishiki, Takasago, Yamagata Bijin, Beni Shuho, Taisho Nishiki, etc., depending on the season

Scheduled opening period (period when you can pick cherries): Early June to early July

Reservation required : You can enter the park without a reservation. When the park is crowded, priority will be given to those who have made a reservation, and those without a reservation may be refused entry.

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This time, we introduced Yamagata's special product, cherries. In addition to cherries, there are many other fruits produced in Yamagata, such as peaches, grapes, and La France. There is also an orchard where you can pick fruits, so why not check it out?

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