~Art of the snow which nature colors~Enjoy Zao! We have summarized the event information of Zao Snow Monster Festival 2023

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"Zao Juhyo Festival 2023" will be held from December 24, 2022 to February 27, 2023. The venue, Zao Onsen Ski Resort, is a popular tourist spot where you can see giant frost-covered trees called “snow monsters” in winter. In this article, we will feature this event, which is full of projects that bot...


1. 1000 People Torch Run & Winter HANABI

In the "1000 Torch Run", skiers ski down the slopes holding LED lights that look like torches. Fireworks are also launched at the same time, and the winter night sky is beautifully colored.

[Holding time and place]

2023.2/4 (Sat) (Uwanodai Slope)

2. Large set of working cars in winter!

At the "Winter Working Vehicles Large Gathering!", we will exhibit working vehicles unique to ski resorts and winter. On the day of the event, a one-day lift ticket for elementary school students and younger will be 1,000 yen!

[Holding time and place]

2023.1/29 (Sun) (Uwanodai Slope)

2023.2/23 (Thursday/holiday) (Omori Slope)

3. I'm coming to Zao!! ︎ photo tailing

The vast Zao Onsen ski resort is sure to be Instagrammable! There is also a prize given by lottery to those who take a picture in Zao Onsen and post it on SNS with #ZAO.

[Holding time]

2022.12/24 (Sat) ~ 2023.2/27 (Mon)

4.Winter Zao Lucky Excursion

This is a plan to go around the "Zao Three Great Gods" enshrined at the Zao Onsen Ski Resort. "Zao Sandaijin" refers to "Zao Jizoson", "Zao Daigongen", and "Zao Daikokuten". If you go around all the target locations and apply stamps, you will have a chance to win Yamagata souvenirs by lottery.

[Holding time]

2022.12/24 (Sat) ~ 2023.2/27 (Mon)

5. Zao Illumination

Illuminations and LED lights will be installed on the slopes and in the hot spring town!

[Holding time]

2022.12/24 (Sat) ~ 2023.2/27 (Mon)

6. Jukky Snow Park

A children's space produced by Zao Onsen's mascot "Juhyo no Jukki-kun" will be set up. There are three locations: Omori Slope, Nakamori Slope, and Uenodai Slope (Sunrise Slope), where children can enjoy playing in the snow.

Other frost-covered trees events

7. Snow Monsters light up

The Snow Monsters light up, which is registered as a night view heritage of Japan, will be held. The Snow Monsters are illuminated with colored lights, and you can experience a fantastic world. Enjoy a different view from the Snow Monsters seen in the daytime.

8. Snow Monsters Fantastic Corridor Tour by Night Cruiser

The Snow Monsters illusion corridor tour, which will be held on the same schedule as the Snow Monsters light up, is a tour where you can experience the night Snow Monsters light up and rime up close on a new snow vehicle called Night Cruiser.

9. Summary

There are lots of fun events in Zao. Please come to Zao this winter and have a fulfilling time.

For detailed information on the events introduced in this article, please see the official website below.

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