Zao Onsen "Takayu-dori street" - 3 public baths "Kamiyu", "Simoyu" and "Kawarayu" -

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“Takayu-dori street” is the main street of Zao Onsen. There are day-use hot springs such as public baths, and the smell of sulfur and steam rising from various places on this street is perfect for enjoying the atmosphere of Zao Onsen. This time, we will mainly introduce three public baths on Takayu-...


Public bath

The spring quality of Zao Onsen is a strongly acidic sulfur spring, and it is known as "hot spring of beauty". The public baths on Takayu-dori street are Kamiyu, Simoyu, and Kawarayu. It is a hot spring rooted in the local area that is often used by local people.

[Information common to these public baths]

User: Anyone can use it.

Business hours: 6:00~22:00

Price: 200 yen for adults, 100 yen for children

*When entering the hot spring, we recommend that you prepare coins in advance.

Precautions when bathing ("Zao Onsen large open-air bath Quoted from "Zao style" How to take a hot spring 7 points to note when bathing in a strong acid spring" )

1. Be sure to pour hot water on yourself as it feels hot due to the quality of the spring.

2. Zao Onsen is easy to remove oil, so don't rub too much.

3. If the hot spring gets into your eyes, it will hurt a lot.

4.The hot spring is not drinkable.

5. Precious metals are blackened and corroded due to strong acidity. Always remove accessories.

6. If hot springs adhere to clothing, it will be damaged. Please wipe your body well after bathing.

7. Due to the quality of the spring, the floor and the edges of the hot water will be slippery. Please be careful not to fall.


・There are no facilities such as showers.

・Alkaline soaps and shampoos are neutralized by strongly acidic spring water. Therefore, you cannot use soap, etc., but the hot springs have bactericidal properties, so there is no problem even if you do not wash your body.

・There are Kamiyu (Western style) and Simoyu(Japanese style), but not in Kawarayu.

Details on how to use the three public baths in Zao are also provided on the following website, so please take a look.

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English version

Takayu-dori street

The entrance to Takayu-dori street is a short walk from Zao Onsen Bus Terminal. Look for the words “Honobono Yuttari Takayu-dori street”.


If you go straight from the entrance of Takayu-dori street, you will see Simoyu on your right.

Appearance of Simoyu. In addition to the Simoyu springs, Shimoyu also has a footbath and a handbath that anyone can use for free (on the right side of the photo). *The footbath cannot be used in winter.

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Go all the way down Takayu-dori street and when the uphill becomes steep, you will see a footbath information sign on the right. If you follow the sign and go to the right, you will find a footbath, and beyond that you will find Kawarayu.

There is a footbath along the road, but it cannot be used in winter. When you come this far, it's a little further to Kawarayu.

The exterior of Kawarayu. It is located in a slightly recessed area.

A view of the bathroom. The feet are slatted, and hot water comes out from the bottom. It is said that hot springs like this are rare even in Japan. (Image provided by: Zao Onsen Tourism Association)

Return to the footbath sign and go up the slope to reach Kamiyu. It is the oldest communal bath among the three.

A view of the bathroom. (Image provided by: Zao Onsen Tourism Association)

Sugawa Onsen Shrine

If you go further from "Kamiyu", you will find "Sukawa Onsen Shrine". The approach to the shrine matches the atmosphere of the hot spring town and is a very photogenic place. However, please be careful when climbing the stairs as they are steep.


This time, we introduced three public baths that can be reached from Takayu-dori street. There are many shops and facilities on Takayu-dori street that we couldn't cover in this article, so why don't you visit them?

After enjoying the hot spring town, it is also recommended to see the famous “juhyo” in Zao. This article introduces recommended routes for viewing frost-covered trees at Zao Onsen Ski Resort.

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