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Introducing the three gods enshrined in the mountains of Zao, the Zao Sandaijin.

Three gods are enshrined on Mt. Zao. "Zao Jizoson" for protection against misfortunes and fulfillment of various wishes, "Zao Daikokuten" for family safety and prosperous business, and "Zao Daigongen" for perpetual youth and longevity and the god of water are still power spots visited by many people...


Zao Daigongen

* What is "Gongen"? See Wikipedia

Zao Daigongen was built in 2002 in front of Zao Sky Cable Chuo Kogen Station. The statue itself opened in 1972. It is a symbol that surrenders any devil and brings peace, and is also admired as a water god. (Image provided by Zao Tourism Development Co., Ltd.)

Annual festival: August 8th every year

Zao Daikokuten

* What is "Daikokuten"? See Wikipedia

Zao Daikokuten was built in 1980 to pray for prosperous business in Zao Onsen and safe travels for tourists. It is enshrined at the Zao Chuo Ropeway Torikabuto Station and Torikabuto Observatory. (Image provided by Zao Tourism Development Co., Ltd.)

Annual festival: October 5th every year

Zao Jizoson

*"Jizoson" is an honorific title for "Jizo Bodhisattva". What is "Jizo Bodhisattva"? See Wikipedia

Summer (Image provided by Zao Ropeway Co., Ltd.)

Winter (Image provided by Yamagata City Tourism Strategy Division)

Zao Jizoson is a Jizo statue made of andesite, and was built in 1775 about 100 meters east of the Zao Ropeway Jizo Sancho Station.

It was built over 37 years by the village headman of Takarasawa (the name of a place in Yamagata City) to pray for the fulfillment of various wishes and to ward off disasters.

Annual festival: Every year on May 24th (spring) and September 24th (autumn)


At the Zao Juhyo Festival 2023, from November 26, 2022 to February 27, 2023, the " Winter Zao Good Fortune Excursion " will be held around the "Three Great Gods of Zao." If you go around all the target locations and apply stamps, you will have a chance to win Yamagata souvenirs by lottery.

*For more information about the Zao Juhyo Festival, please see this article.

Also, in the summer, you can trek from Okama, and the " Zao Kaiun Excursion ", which goes around four places including the Tony Sailer monument, is also carried out.

When visiting Zao, how about visiting the three major gods of Zao?

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