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Garyu Brewing

Japan, 98-1 Ozu, Ozu City, Ehime Prefecture 795-0012

Our brewery has a bar where you can enjoy freshly brewed craft beer. We also offer lunch and dinner dishes, so you can relax and compare the beers you're interested in. When you come to Ozu City, enjoy a special craft beer in a special space. Please feel free to drop by. This brick warehouse was built over 100 years ago as an orchid warehouse for a silk thread factory. The roof tiles, ginkgo trees, and metasequoia trees that were inherited from the demolition of Ozu Castle in 1898 were planted on the premises, and they became symbols of the area. In recent years, its survival was in danger due to deterioration, but with the help of preservation efforts by local volunteers, the brick warehouse was renovated, and the tables and chairs were both Western antiques and items from local old folk houses, recreating the atmosphere of the Meiji era. It was reborn as the ``Garyu Brick Warehouse''.

Business Time
  • Monday:  Close
  • Tuesday:  Close
  • Wednesday:  Close
  • Thursday:  11:00~18:00
  • Friday:  11:00~18:00
  • Saturday:  11:00~18:00
  • Sunday:  11:00~18:00
Telephone number 0893-23-9190
Website https://www.instagram.com/garyu_brewing/
  • 20 minute walk from Ozu Station 15 minute walk from Ozu Castle 4 minute walk from Garyu Sanso 4 minute walk from Ozu Machinoeki Asoya (Ozu General Tourist Information Center, nearest bus stop)
Wi-Fi Yes
Payment method
  • Credit card:Available
Language 日本語 / English
Last Update : 2023.09.04   Ozu City, Ehime Prefecture

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