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Yu-Rah villa & gallery in Ehime: where you can enjoy the spectacular view of Shimanami Kaido

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Yu-Rah villa & gallery opened on Omishima, the largest island on the Shimanami Kaido. With a special location overlooking the Seto Inland Sea Sea, why not take your time to enjoy the Shimanami area while watching the scenery change with the time?

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A private villa that makes you want to say "I'm home"

The Shimanami Kaido connects seven bridges and beautiful islands. Imagine if there was a villa along this scenic road where you could have the Seto Inland Sea scenery all to yourself... A private villa that will make that dream come true, Yu-Rah villa & gallery, opened in Omishima in March 2024.

In a special location overlooking the Seto Inland Sea, there are two villas where you can stay without meeting anyone, and a pure white gallery where you can enjoy the beautiful changing seasons and time of the Shimanami Kaido like a painting through the windows covering the entire wall.

Yu-Rah allows you to enjoy the various views of Seto Inland Sea depending on the season you visit. In spring, the sea is colored by dynamic waves along with the soft sunlight, and in summer the sparkling waters blend in with the blue sky. In autumn, the deepening morning glow creates a fantastical landscape, and in winter the gentle waves enhance the beauty of the tranquil sea. These moments, featuring the occasional boat passing by, are part of the luxurious scenery that is unique to Yu-Rah.

Choose from two villas with sun and moon motifs

Yu-Rah has two private villas. Iru is marked by a sun motif, and Måne is marked by a moon motif. Each room is designed with the room coordinator's attention to detail, and offers a view of the Seto Inland Sea. Both rooms are equipped with a kitchen, washing machine, vacuum cleaner, and other facilities to make you feel at home. Which room would you like to return to?

The sun motif Iru room is for those who want to enjoy the scenery of Shimanami at their leisure.

The sun-themed Iru is a room with a capacity of four people, equipped with a counter-facing kitchen, and a layout that maximizes the enjoyment of the view. The room was planned by illustrator Mariko Hirazawa and flower stylist Kazumi Hirai as room coordinators. They also paid particular attention to the exquisite balance of the lighting, taking in as much sunlight as possible and prioritizing natural light. The Japanese-style room serves as the bedroom space, and futons are provided for the number of people staying. (If four people are staying, one person will have a sofa bed.)

In the spacious bathroom, you can relax and unwind after your trip while enjoying the luxurious ocean view in the large bathtub. Shampoo, conditioner, and body soap are all Aesop brand products.

Check room availability of Iru

The moon motif Måne is for those who want to enjoy a space surrounded by art.

The moon-themed Måne is a room with a capacity of three people, where furniture, interior design, and art pieces created by discerning artists are in harmony. The room is just the right size, so it is also recommended for solo travelers. The room was planned by gallery owner Shino Yamamoto and interior coordinator Naoko Kimura as room coordinators.

You can relax and enjoy the changing scenery of the Seto Inland Sea while looking at the art in your room. Like Iru room, there is a spacious bathroom with an ocean view, and the Japanese-style room is the bedroom. The view of the sunset and sunrise from the round window in the Japanese-style room will make you feel like you are on a cruise.

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Enjoy the flavors of Ehime with breakfast and welcome drink

For breakfast, uncooked ingredients for the first night are set out in the refrigerator, so you can enjoy it whenever you like. A bottle of specially selected mandarin orange juice, an essential for a trip to Ehime, is also provided. For dinner, you can discuss sashimi platters, take-out hors d'oeuvres, and wine selections according to your preference when making a reservation.

Sightseeing and gourmet spots around Omishima

There are many attractive sightseeing and gourmet spots around Omishima. There are tours that go around on e-bikes and trekking , and you can also take a luxury cruise around the Seto Inland Sea. If you want to spend some time relaxing, we recommend Umimachi Bar Ameri, where you can enjoy lunch and coffee during the day while listening to records, and Ehime alcohol and French snacks in the evening. It is located on the seaside, a 15-minute drive from Yu-Rah.

Along with Yu-Rah villa & gallery,you should also visit Murakami-Tei in Ozu City.

Located south of the Shimanami Kaido in Ehime, Ozu City is a castle town where Chiaki Hats , the owner of Yu-Rah Villa & Gallery, works as the owner of the gallery and cafe "Shoho-Ro Murakami-Tei." Ozu City, with its beautiful historic streets that remain from the Edo period, is an area where diverse cultures are rooted along the flow of the Hijikawa River, from the mountain areas to the Seto Inland Sea coast. Chiaki, who was fascinated by Ozu, decided to move there and opened his own shop in the vacant Murakami-Tei house. The beer in the refrigerator at Yu-Rah Villa & Gallery is a specialty beer from Garyu Brewery in Ozu. Be sure to visit Murakami-Tei, which conveys the history and culture of Ozu to the present day.

Spend Some Delightful Time at Yu-Rah villa & gallery!

If you want to take your time enjoying the spectacular views of the Shimanami Kaido, the best place to do so is at a lodging facility where you can have the ocean view all to yourself, as it changes with the time of day. Why not use "Yu-Rah Villa & Gallery" as your base for a luxurious trip to enjoy the Shimanami area?

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The calm Seto Inland Sea spreads out before you. Your own private villa where you can return to saying "I'm home." The occasional boat passing by is part of the scenery that changes with the seasons and time. A completely non-face-to-face experience that maintains your privacy. Please spend your time just for yourself at "Yu-Rah."

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