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Hinoyama Park

Japan, 751-0813 Mimosusogawa-cho, Shimonoseki City, Yamaguchi Prefecture

Hinoyama Park is part of Setonaiki National Park, located on the summit of Mt. Hinoyama. The summit boasts stunning, unobstructed views of both Shimonoseki City at one side, and Fukuoka Prefecture in northern Kyushu at the other, both of which lie either side of the Kanmon Straits – the body of water separating Honshu from Kyushu. In Spring, the park is famous for its Cherry Blossom and Rhododendra – particularly in early May, when the Rhododendra reach full bloom, and a variety of seasonal events are held. The park’s Turkish Tulip Garden is located close to the Hinoyama Ropeway’s lower station. Shimonoseki and Istanbul are sister cities, and the Tulip Garden was opened in 2009 to display the approximate 40,000 tulips, including seven different species, that Istanbul sent as a gift to Shimonoseki. Year after year, the flowers continue to bloom beautifully.

Business Time

🚡Hinoyama Ropeway🚡 Service period: early March - mid-November (subject to change) Service hours: 10:00 - 17:00 (three cars per hour)

  • 15 minutes by bus from JR Shimonoseki station. Alight at Hinoyama Ropeway and then take the Ropeway (4 mins). Alternatively the park can be reached in approx. 30 minutes via the mountain path, or in 15 minutes by car from the Shimonoseki Interchange
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