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The world's largest rice field art

Japan, 2375-1 Kobari, Gyoda City, Saitama Prefecture 3610024

Rice field art has become a fixture of the rice fields of Gyoda City, a rice-producing region, from early summer to autumn. This initiative, which uses rice paddies as a canvas and uses multiple rice plants of different colors to express pictures and letters, is attracting attention as a tourist spot in Gyoda. Boasting a size of approximately 2.8 hectares, it was recognized in the Guinness Book of World Records as the ``World's Largest Rice Paddy Art'' in 2015. For this rice field art, rice is planted in mid-June and harvested in mid-October. The best time to see them is from mid-July to mid-October, and you can view them from the adjacent Ancient Lotus Hall Observation Room. When you visit Gyoda, please stop by and enjoy the magnificent scale of the art. *Design changes every year.

Business Time

[Ancient Lotus Hall] 9:00-16:30 (Reception until 16:00) During the lotus blooming period (from mid-June to early August), 7:00-16:30 (Reception closes at 16:00) [Closed days] Mondays (open if it is a holiday), the day after a holiday (open if it falls on Saturday or Sunday), New Year's holidays *Open every day during the lotus blooming period (mid-June to early August) *Opening hours, closed days is subject to change

Telephone number 048-559-0770
  • Take the city circulation bus from Gyoda Station on the JR Takasaki Line for 21 minutes and get off at Kodai Ren no Sato. Take the city circulation bus from Gyodashi Station on the Chichibu Railway for 15 minutes and get off at Kodai Ren no Sato.
Language 日本語
Other 【Fee】 Adults (high school students and above): Individual 400 yen, Group 320 yen Children (elementary and junior high school students): 200 yen for individuals, 160 yen for groups Groups are 20 people or more. Preschool children are free.
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