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Gyoda City Tourism Association
A Saitama theme park with a history of 1,500 years

Gyoda City Tourism Association is a DMO established in 2021 with the aim of disseminating the charm of Gyoda to the world in Japan. Gyoda city has ancient heritage "Sakitama Burial Mounds" and "National Treasure gold intricate iron sword", "Ancient lotus village" where ancient lotus blooms, "Oshi castle ruins" set in medieval history, about 7 in Japan in the early modern period. As a tabi production area that boasts a large market share, you can also enjoy walking around the town where tabi storehouses remain. Today, Gyoda City is a city where you can fully enjoy a day, such as the world's largest rice paddy art, which can be viewed from the ancient lotus tower, and the Gyoda flower wash basin that colors the city. In addition to the B-class gourmet "Fries" and "Jelly Fries", you can also enjoy gourmet foods such as "Gyoda native green soybeans" because of its history.

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