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Usubae Sakura Park

Japan, 787-0316 1021 Matsuo Usubae, Tosashimizu City, Kochi Prefecture

This park is located on the Ashizuri Peninsula in Tosashimizu City, near the Tojindaba ruins. Inside the large park, there are cherry trees that bloom at different times, including Yoshino cherry trees, Higan cherry blossoms, Kanzakura cherry blossoms, and wild cherry blossoms. There are about 200 cherry blossom trees of various types, and you can see the cherry blossoms changing from late March to April. There are also chainsaw art pieces scattered throughout the park, which you can enjoy as well. There are also spots where you can see the ocean, so you can enjoy cherry blossom viewing while looking out at the ocean. Even outside of the cherry blossom season, the spacious park has a feeling of openness. This is a park where you can run around as much as you like. Please note that there are some parts of the access road where it is difficult to pass each other. Please be careful.

Telephone number 0880-82-1228
  • Approximately 15 minutes by car from downtown Tosashimizu (approximately 11 km) Approximately 7 minutes walk (approximately 400m) from Kochi Seinan Kotsu Bus “Tojindaba Iriguchi”
Wi-Fi No
Language 日本語
Last Update : 2024.03.18   Hata Region Tourism Bureau

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