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Kurokawa Onsen

Japan, Kurokawa, Aso City, Kumamoto Prefecture 869-2225

Kurokawa Onsen Village is located in the northern central area of ​​Kyushu on the border with Oita Prefecture. Until 2000, it was so unexplored that the name of Kurokawa Onsen was not included in the "All-Purpose Map of Kumamoto Prefecture" published by a local newspaper. Many people involved in Kurokawa Onsen have created a "high-quality Satoyama" landscape, and the bathing bill for "Rotenburo Meguri" has gradually become known, and it has gained a reputation as a hot spring resort nationwide. Surrounded by mountains, Kurokawa Onsenkyo is a collection of 30 inns. At this village, we consider all 30 inns and the scenery of Satoyama as "one ryokan". The word that expresses it is "Kurokawa Onsen Ichi Ryokan". Each ryokan is a separate room. And the narrow path that connects the inns is the "connecting corridor". The scenery of the entire hot spring town blends into nature, just like a ryokan.

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